Facebook Ads vs Google AdWords: Which Is Best For Business?

Google is the giant of search engine advertising. And Facebook is the giant of social media advertising. Both platforms offer Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, where you pay a fee when a potential customer clicks your advert – both work in slightly different ways. According to Wordstream writer Larry Kim, Facebook has five times as many users and ten times […]

Facebook PPC and Google Analytics

If you send your Facebook PPC traffic onto a Facebook page, this won’t mean all that much to you as Facebook tracks all that internally. It will let you know where people have clicked, if they ended up liking you, if they shared a post and all the other millions of things you can now […]

Does Facebook PPC Work for B2B?

I have been asked this quite a lot. “My product is for businesses, I don’t think Facebook is right for me”. Facebook, as I stress a lot is a social platform. There is no space for boring, stuffy ‘I’m so professional using big words in my adverts’ formalities. But does this mean it would or […]

Facebook PPC Advertising – What’s It About?

Log into your Facebook and look to the right of the screen. You should see some image ads, this is Facebook Paid Search advertising and it could work for you. The adverts on Facebook are not random, well the majority aren’t. They are targeting you because of the things you have on your profile, the […]

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