Google Search Network and Your PPC

When you create a  PPC campaign, be it in the AdWords interface or in the AdWords editor, you have this option. Search or Display? Search is going to Google, typing in what you want. Display is being on a website and being presented an advert and clicking on it. If you choose ‘Search’ then you […]

Facebook PPC – What Age Should I Be Targeting?

I wrote yesterday about good things to think about when choosing images and ad-copy for your Facebook PPC adverts. Today I’m going to write about what age you should target with your Facebook adverts. The answer is NOT everyone, or in Facebook language ‘Any’ on the age selection tab. Facebook is social, would you have […]

Helpful PPC for Small and Medium Businesses

Please let me introduce myself – I’m John Lynch and I’m currently an Online Product Manager for Trinity Mirror Marketing Solutions (TMMS). In the not too distant past I worked as a Senior Online Product Manager for Yell.com. As the title suggests in both of the jobs my role has been to produce online products […]

How to Set Up Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

To track elements of your website, most people use Google Analytics. It’s a great program which allows real insight into how people interact and navigate around your website. Most people also use it to track conversions, such as adding the visit / URL from a ‘thank you for contacting us’ type page as a ‘conversion’ […]

Should You Use Ad Scheduling?

A lot of smaller companies use the AdWords ad scheduling functionality to set their campaigns to display at certain days of the week and times of the day. In this post I will share how to implement ad scheduling and also offer my opinion as to when it should be used as I do not […]

How Does the AdWords Auction Work?

Yesterday WordStream released another of their really useful infographics, this time explaining How the AdWords Auction Works. It can be tricky explain exactly what Google AdWords is, let alone trying to explain the technicalities of how it works. You can explain that AdWords is an auction, but it is not as simple as the highest […]

The Google PPC Adwords Editor – How to Use It

I mentioned in my last blog that I was going to discuss the PPC Google Adwords editor tool, so here we are. The adwords editor tool is a brilliant offline tool which allows you to build your campaigns efficiently, duplicate them, add negative keywords in bulk, edit match types in bulk, add adverts and yes..in […]

Google AdWords Match Types

One of the biggest mistakes made when setting up campaigns or adding new keywords to PPC accounts is to add them without selecting Match Types so they default to Broad Match. In order to optimise your campaigns, Google provides a variety of different Match Types to apply to the keywords you are bidding on. This […]

Negative Keywords in AdWords PPC

One of the main mistakes people make in setting up a AdWords account is they forget to add negative keywords. This isn’t really their fault as Google don’t make it extremely obvious how to add them or why you should. But you should. As mentioned in a previous post about broad match keywords, they are […]

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