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Charlie has worked in the advertising industry for 12 years and is currently Head of Search & Display products at Yell. Over the years she has worked closely with Bing, Yahoo & Google as well as managing a Display network comprising AOL, MSN, The AA and more. Charlie’s passion is delivering a return on investment for SMEs through cross channel marketing.

Targeting Your on-Line Display Campaign Geographically

What is geographic targeting? Geographic targeting is identifying and defining the geographies you want to target and then placing your banner campaign in front of consumers within that geography.  When you advertise off-line you may choose to advertise only in certain locations.  You could achieve this by advertising in the local newspaper or in a […]

Targeting Your on-Line Display Campaign Demographically

What is demographic targeting? Demographic targeting in the realm of on-line banner advertising is targeting your banners to a segmentation of the population based on their characteristics or traits.  There are various characteristics which could make up a demographic, such as: Gender Age Income Education Household Size Social Grade Children (whether a person has children) […]

What Makes a Good Banner Advert?

Every single aspect of your banner campaign will relate back to the goals you set at the beginning.  What is the purpose of your campaign?  What are you trying to achieve?  You must always bear this in mind when you are designing your banner. Effective taglines Your tagline should reflect your goal, if you want […]

How Do You Start Building Your Banner Advertising Campaign?

Setting up a banner advertising campaign can be costly and time consuming, depending on what you’re looking to achieve, but it’s definitely something worth investing both time and money into – In June 2011 95.3% of fixed line internet users were exposed to online display advertising (comScore, September 2011) and that’s something you should be […]

How Should You Plan Your Banner Advertising Campaign?

Before you start any new advertising campaigns you need to decide what you’re trying to achieve.  So many people know they need to advertise but don’t actually stop to think about their campaign, they just take whatever shiny advertising opportunity is presented to them by whatever sales person happens to knock on their door first.  […]

What Is Banner Advertising?

What are banners? Banners are the picture adverts that appear on some webpages; they could appear almost anywhere on any site, they could be animated, they could have sound, they could expand to a short video clip and very soon they could be a combination of all those things. How does it work? Most websites […]

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