Be Social: Blogging for Business Essentials (Part Two)

So, by now I am trusting you have conquered the world of keywords and have done everything in your power to ensure a great mutual linking relationship betweens your blog and your company website. This allows us to move on to some other areas to make sure your company blog is as visible to your audience as it can be.

Create a URL that is easily searchable: Now, this may sounds scary to the newbies and technophobes amongst you, but trust me, this is a pretty simple step to master which can maximise the searchability of your company blog in Google and other search engines. When you click around your blog you may find the URLs look something like this – companywebsite.com/blog/?id6373&cat3924. This would suggest your website isn’t correctly configured to maximise search engine performance. Make sure you alter your structure within the Settings/Permalinks section of your blog CMS and enter /%category%/%postname/ within the Custom Structure section. Now this will mean your page addresses look more like companywebsite.com/companyname-launches-new-productname. From here, most blog content managements systems give you the option to edit the URL of the post you are about to put live. Use it! This is another area where keywords can be used to maximum effect for much stronger SEO.

Don’t just write about your business: It is tempting to just use your blog as a mouthpiece to promote your company, but it important to not limit yourself in this manner. Google and other search engines will crawl across content that discuss newsworthy content in your industry and increase your visibility in a much more productive manner. If your company allows it, link to third party websites which either mention or reinforce what you are saying in your own blog. Obviously, just make sure you don’t link to your competitors!

Link to your own content: When you have been blogging about a topic that relates to products or services that your company provides, then it is paramount to add a link back to your own commercial content. This will guide Google into identifying this as the most credible page on your site for each relevant keyword. It is important to link in a consistent manner and that each product page on your website is related to the one keyword.

Finally, make sure you use any analytics you have set up (Google Analytics is a reliable and free service) to see what keywords drive traffic to your blog posts. From here you can go back to older posts and change the titles, or focus more on certain keywords to deliver the results you require.