Facebook PPC – Writing Decent Adverts

Facebook PPC can be tricky, especially if you are targeting a small niche.

The following tips will focus on which images to use and what to think about when writing advert copy.  Hopefully they should help you start to learn how to optimise and test your campaigns. The below is broadly considering PPC adverts which direct Facebook traffic away from Facebook V sponsored stories which keep traffic within Facebook, to like a page for example.

A frequent question I get asked is ‘ When I started my campaigns I got loads of clicks, now not so much’ or words to that effect anyway!

This is something called ‘Ad fatigue’.  Think about it. Your adverts are targeting say 10,000 people in England. Considering the amount of time people spend on Facebook and the amount of adverts they may see in one session, if you are using the same image and ad copy for months at a time, frankly… it’s going to become pretty boring. They have already seen your advert thousands of times. They have blanked it out.

As with any PPC platform, you can not just set it up, leave it and expect it to tick along merrily driving loads of sales or relevant traffic on site. You need to be testing.

Facebook is a social platform. Be adventurous in your adverts. Log on now and have  a look. Some adverts, the image isn’t even closely related – it’s only there to grab your attention and make you read the content, enticing you to click through or like it. Imagine you are running adverts for Harry Potter, maybe you sell the book collection.

Make you adverts relevant and try to be light hearted, not boring. Appeal to your audience, call them Muggles or Griffindors, refer to the main storylines, draw them into your advert. If copyright allows use an image from the film, try this against an image of the Potter book cover. Try different versions and tag each URL correctly , name the advert format as the campaign name so you can compare the metrics of the fun advert V the standard ‘Great RRP, buy online today’ stuff.

If you don’t sell Harry Potter products, just obviously adapt this to what you do sell or what you are wanting to promote.

If you’re B2B this can still apply. You are targeting business people, but in their down time so keep it light hearted. Appeal to them directly. Facebook ads which target me are occasionally about PPC as this relates to the information I have provided. Some, I have noticed address me directly ‘PPC Expert?’ ‘Into your AdWords’ type things. These get my attention.

Try and be really specific with your adverts and really think about who you are targeting and what you are selling. Relevancy, as with anything PPC is key to a decent campaign and profitable ROI – or ‘likes’.