How to Make the Most of Multi-Platform Marketing Campaigns

Multi-platform marketing is a form of digital marketing whereby you spread your marketing efforts across a number of platforms; social media, email, newsletters; instead of focussing on one specific platform, for example, Facebook or Twitter. In this guide, we’ll be focussing on social media platforms but the methods can be used across other platforms too.

Creating a Multi-Platform Marketing Campaign is relatively easy and in fact, can be more cost-effective in the long run rather than concentrating your efforts in one place (putting all your eggs in one basket). Little prior knowledge of digital marketing is required and a multi-platform campaign can be achieved for very little cost. You may, however, need some time to research the current market and to create and apply a relevant marketing strategy for your business.

A multi-platform marketing campaign can:

  • kick-start & develop your online presence
  • increase conversions and sales
  • grow your customer base
  • increase your number of social media followers and find a tribe
  • create a higher brand or business visibility
  • allow you to reflect and analyse what types of content you’re should be posting on your channels.

Consistency across all your platforms builds brand trust but also using a multi-platform campaign allows you to play to the strengths of if each individual platform used. One of the simplest ways to promote yourself online is to create social media accounts and use them to regularly share updates and information with your audience which is engaging, relevant and of value.

Choosing the websites and apps which are most suitable to your brand and where your potential clients’ most likely visit will guarantee the highest value and most interactions. Your potential customers may use many social media platforms but may use one platform differently from another.

If you’re not sure which platforms to choose, both Facebook, with over 2.45 billion monthly active users*, and Twitter, with 330 million monthly users, are the easiest to begin with. Plus using two or more popular platforms means you will be re-targeting anyone who follows you, with your content, on multiple channels.

Tips for Facebook

  • set up a business page to keep your personal and professional lives separate
  • join groups to find likeminded people and for support
  • schedule posts and updates to save time
  • use live video and Facebook stories to increase interaction.

Tips for Twitter

  • write tweets in advance and automate them using tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer
  • create your own brand #hashtag to promote new content
  • take part in Twitter chats each week using popular hashtags e.g. #MondayMotivation, #WednesdayWisdom and #FridayFeeling.
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As social media marketing has matured, online influencers and those taking part in social media marketing have needed to diversify and become visible across many media channels. There is now a demand for campaigns across multi-platforms due to the increased success of cross-channel marketing. In theory, the wider your audience the more conversions you should be created.

However, running multi-platform campaigns from one central place is the way forward. This cuts down on costs as you don’t need to approach multiple marketing agencies or providers that often focus solely on one platform, offering incredible results, before they’re even fully aware of your brand or business niche.

Here are some types of content you could share online:

  • inspirational quotes
  • testimonials
  • answers to FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)
  • tips and ‘hacks’
  • freebies and promotions
  • links to articles or other people’s content (making sure the original author/creator is credited)
  • personal updates and stories
  • behind the scenes
  • a link to a blog post
  • images and infographics
  • promotion of a product or service
  • video

Multi-platform campaigns are sometimes avoided due to the additional admin and scheduling often involved. However, the ability to combine campaign goals is now available through the use of multi-platform campaign managing applications. Experiment to find the right campaign that works for your business or brand using a combination of the above techniques, (often available for free), and let us know in the comments below which works best for you.

*Figures from statista.com, December 2019