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Knowledge Centre

The articles in our Knowledge Centre aim to help you decide on the best digital marketing mix for your business. From Website Design to Pay-Per-Click, Social Media to Video Marketing, our team of independent digital marketing experts share their latest advice, tips and know-how via their regularly updated blogs.

Do I Have to Have a Website to Buy Banner Advertising?

The short answer is, yes. When your banner advert is displayed on a website, it functions as a hyperlink – much like hyperlinks you see in text that are usually highlighted or underlined. When the reader clicks on your banner ad, they’re taken to your website. You don’t have to have a sophisticated site with […]

Is Banner Advertising Effective for Small Companies?

Banner advertising can be a useful way for small companies to attract visitors to their website. A high-quality banner ad that clearly explains what services you offer and what makes you special is a cost-effective way to interest potential customers. Cost control The main advantage of internet banner advertising for small companies is that you […]

What Is Banner Advertising?

Banner adverts are one of the most popular forms of online advertising. They can help you increase traffic to your website, generate sales and increase brand awareness. In its most basic form, a banner advert is a rectangular image which appears alongside the main content on a website. They are usually tall and thin (appearing […]

What Makes a Good Banner Ad?

When you’re launching a banner advertising campaign, as with any form of advertising, you want to make it as effective as possible. An effective banner will grab attention, improve brand awareness and encourage potential customers to find out more about you. There are no hard and fast rules for making a good banner advert. You […]

What Would Be the Best Site to Put My Banner Ad On?

One of the most important things to think about when you start a web banner advert campaign is: where should you place your advert? Banner placement – which websites your banners appear on, and where – can make the difference between success and failure for your website promotion strategy. Targeted banner advertising yields results As […]

Are Banner Ads More Effective Than Pop-Ups?

As part of your internet marketing strategy, you might consider using pop-up or banner advertising. Either can be effective for driving traffic to your website. However, you should be aware of the potential pitfalls. How do pop-up adverts work? Pop-up ads are adverts which appear in their own, small browser window on top of the […]

How Effective Is Banner Advertising for Website Promotion?

Banner advertising is a popular method for companies with an online presence to drive traffic to their websites. It’s a good way to target potential customers and bring them directly to your website, for a low initial investment. As with any form of advertising, how effective your banner marketing is depends on you using the […]

Can Social Media Improve Online Trust for Small Businesses?

Social media will be the main point of contact with your business for many prospective customers. They won’t be immediately looking to buy – but social networking can create the platform for making sales by deepening trust in a good product or service. It does this by: enabling you to provide improved customer service creating […]

Can Social Media Tools Help to Strengthen Relationships?

For small businesses, social media networking can help strengthen the business connections you already have, and allow you to connect with customers between sales. This can make collaboration and sales easier to facilitate. Strengthening relationships with business contacts Business networking creates fresh opportunities for communication with contacts. By responding to their updates and forum comments, […]

How Can Social Media Marketing Benefit Online Marketing?

Social media shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for other online marketing, but an addition to what you already do. It’s effective for amplifying your marketing messages through sharing and for targeting your online marketing. Social media optimisation of your website Your online marketing campaigns are likely to direct people to ‘landing pages’ on your […]

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