What Are The Most Effective Marketing Videos You Can Make?

Are Your Marketing Videos Effective? It’s not enough to make a marketing video. You have to make an effective marketing video. Your video has to connect with your customer and persuade them to make contact. But how do we know if our videos are effective? Ascend2 carried out a piece of research in late 2015 […]

Increase Your Video Shares With Comedy

I recently wrote about using controversy to supercharge your video reach. One of the things I wrote about was how easy it was to be controversial in a damaging way and how hard it was to be controversial in a positive way.  Much harder than both is using comedy. Today we’re going to have a […]

The Benefits & Dangers of Using Controversy in Marketing Videos

I was recently asked the question “What if we make something really controversial to boost the number of video views?” It’s a reasonable question to ask. Our business is attracting new customers and as I’ve said before video is the best way to do that, so if we can supercharge our videos in some way […]

How To Stand Out In Promotional Videos

What would be the value to your business of having viewers come to your website, Facebook, Twitter every week? Can story videos be used to build a relationship with customers and turn them into fans? It sounds improbable or even impossible but large companies do it. So why can’t small and medium size companies? We’ve […]

Video Slideshows – Are They Worth It?

What Do I mean By Video Slideshows? A Video slideshow is a low cost form of video where still images are animated on the screen. By animated I mean the images are moved on the screen I’m not referring to the digital technique of turning a still image into an animation like this (click here). […]

How Can Videos Reduce Customer Service Costs?

You can use videos to reduce costs, you say? How is this alchemy even possible? I have a very simple idea that will help any business that has a busy customer service department. Let me ask you a question. How much time do you spend explaining to customers the way to correctly use their purchase? […]

Understand the Power of Aspirational Marketing Videos

What Do We Mean By Aspirational? Aspirational videos show viewers something they don’t have in order to make them want it. They work because we can all imagine ourselves being better than we are, being richer than we are, being cooler than we are. It is the idea that resides at the core of the advertising […]

8 Ways To Make Your Video Marketing Shine

Today I’m going to write about eight different videos you can make that will shine out to your customers. I’m going to tell you about eight different stories that you can tell and why they will grab your customer’s attention. 1. Testimonials Testimonials are always a great way to showcase your business. Why? Your happy […]

What is Augmented Reality and How Can it Help with Marketing?

You may have heard of augmented reality. You may even know that it was supposed to be a revolution in communications. You may also have read that it was a revolution that failed to happen. You may think that this is a failed technology and be wondering why I’m writing a blog about it. I’m […]

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