How to Use the New Google Keyword Planner (2018 Update)

Most of us know we need to optimise our company website for search in order to stand a chance of being found online. That’s pretty much a given at this point. But if you don’t know your SEO from your elbow, where do you start? Regardless of one’s level of SEO expertise, all good search […]

How to Write Interesting Content About a Boring Topic

As a small business owner, you love what you do (or at least I hope you do!). It’s why you get up in a morning, to help people who need what you can provide to the world, whilst also keeping a roof over your head. However, if your field is considered particularly dry and boring […]

How to Attract New Business Online on a Shoestring Budget

When you’re running a small business with a marketing budget to match, how do you go about attracting new customers online? The reality is that you will probably be competing with much bigger competitors with money to spend on web strategy experts and expensive advertising campaigns. So how can you make sure your little venture […]

How To Make A “How To” Video

A lot of service providers think that making “How to” videos is giving away their expertise and will harm their businesses. I’m going to explain why that is the opposite of the truth and walk you through how to make a “How To” video. WHY? “How To” videos display your skills in a way that […]

Get Blogging – You Don’t Have to Be a Marketer to Write One

I spoke to a lovely girl today who had been given the task of running the social media for her company. She wasn’t in marketing and was a bit apprehensive about writing her first blog. I have heard the same thing many times from people who aren’t marketers, it’s like writing a blog is quite […]

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