Getting Your Share of Social Media Shares

This is fast becoming the “old chestnut” of questions about using social media networks to promote your business.  For example: “I have created some good content and posted it on all my social media sites, but it is not being shared.  What can I do?” Well, the first thing to remember is that when you […]

April Fool’s Updated for the Social Media Age!

Does 3D Radio work?*  This was one of the best April Fools released last year.  If you are reading this post before April 1st 2012 then you are in luck.  Because this means that you have the chance to conceive, create and distribute your own April Fool publicity campaign.  And the advent of free Social […]

Sharing an Instagram on Social Media

Getting customers and prospects to share your company Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter post is the Holy Grail of Social Media Marketing. Whole Blogs and indeed books have been written on the subject because if you can get people to share your information and in the extreme, have something “go viral”, it can do wonders […]

Social Media Theory – the 1:9:90 Rule

The 1:9:90 rule is not really a rule at all, and for ease of reference is also written 1: 10:90, but it does help in understanding how Social Media selling works. What this theory proposes is that for a mature website, just 1% of visitors to your website or social media site will actually produce […]

Social Media Theory – Markets Are Conversations

Producing social media content is not an end in itself – at least not for business purposes. Ultimately, we are all here to sell. Social media is about selling through the mechanism of conversations. In order to understand how this works for business lets look at an analogy that demonstrates how “markets are conversations” Trading […]

Pets, vets and automobiles on social media

According to a recent study, 1 in 10 pets in the UK have a profile maintained by their owners on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Continuing the theme, more than half of pet owners in the UK share photos of their pets on the social media and it is has even been suggested that in aggregate, […]

Using Your Website Content for SEO

Whoever is responsible for producing website content knows that it can be time consuming to create and finding the right people to contribute can be even harder. Does this mean that perhaps it’s not worth trying to find those 4 new pieces every month? Nope, it just means that the content should work harder for […]

Understanding the Different Types of Social Media

Social media outlets that allow instant, public communication are one of the most high-profile forms of electronic marketing. Micro-blogging tools, blogs, networking sites, online communities, word-of-mouth, discussion forums and social bookmarking sites are all different types of social media. Micro-blogging Tools which enable you to publish short, sharp comments and links to websites and pictures […]

Social Media Marketing – the Search for Meaning

Some people now consider social media marketing for business to be in a tricky “Teenage” stage; experiencing growing pains and doubts about its efficiency, but on the verge of something really extraordinary.  And the truth is, many businesses have tried and failed to engage prospects or generate leads – even though they are well placed […]

LinkedIn Groups: Have You Joined the Conversation?

Are you using LinkedIn? If not, what’s holding you back? Unlike an expensive networking conference, LinkedIn is free. You can create a basic profile for yourself or your company. There is the option to upgrade, but I’d recommend just using the free version at the start. Some people view LinkedIn as a career-climbing and recruitment tool, but it is […]

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