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With over eight years' B2B/B2C experience, Abi heads up the marketing team at email marketers Pure360. A modern marketer Abi believes in creating dialogue and relationships. She has redeveloped numerous websites, improving the user experience, content & SEO searchability, from smaller start ups to the Sony Ericsson ecommerce site.

How to Structure Your Email Marketing Content – Part 2

This is the second part of my blog duo on how to structure your email marketing content. In the first blog I covered call to actions, images and length – if you missed out then read it here. My guess is that you have invested in some email software to send out your emails and […]

Stop Keyword Stuffing Your Content

It is not new news that Google have been doing lots of clever things with their search algorithms this year in order to present even better results to their visitors. Many good websites have been penalised for over optimising their websites and trying to get their rankings better un-naturally. It shouldn’t be a surprise, the […]

How to Structure Your Email Marketing Content – Part 1

One of the most effective forms of online marketing to start with is email marketing, if you’ve just set up a website and you’ve started to collect email addresses (opted in of course) then you can start to send them updates and newsletters. A point to note if you’re just starting out – it doesn’t […]

Save Time and Up-Cycle Your Website Content

I’m a fan of all things retro and you’ll often see me in flea markets looking to give someone’s old furniture or oddities a new home. My favourite piece recently is a 1950s sideboard that the last owner breathed new life into with a modern lick of paint to the top and a piece of […]

Focus on Online Channels That Drive Your Results

Marketers are facing the challenge at the moment that they have to juggle a LOT of new online marketing channels and trends. With technology moving at such a pace, it isn’t holding back communication anymore – in fact we’re struggling to keep up with how it’s changing. I remember back to when I did my […]

Learnings From Websites #12 – Heals

Heals is a high quality retailer of home wares, with a penchant for trendy designers and a spot of retro. Their website content needs to focus on really selling the quality of their products, as they’re not the cheapest out there. You’re buying the experience and trendiness essentially. Things I like about their homepage content […]

How to Run a Cross Channel Online Marketing Campaign

If you’re looking for ways to drive more traffic to your website then the best success will usually come from more than one online marketing channel. On their own SEO and PPC can hold their own but they become much stronger when part of a cross-channel campaign with aligned messaging. How to set up your […]

Take a Leaf From Twilight – Do a Content Saga

So the final Twilight film has finally launched and I think the way they have spread their brand across half a decade is pretty impressive. Based on four books the film company saw the ROI they were getting each time a new film arrived so they even split the last one into two (final Harry […]

Data Driven Online Marketing

This may not be the sexiest of topics but nonetheless it is an important for the serious digital marketer and can mean the difference between high volume ‘spray and pray’ online marketing or super targeted, relevant campaigns. In t’old days a marketers would go for high volume, generic messaging – throw your campaign out there […]

Creating Tablet Friendly Website Content

On average we do a total overhaul of our website once a year. That’s not to say that we’re not tweaking away in between, but we find that to keep it fresh and maximise our conversion rates, we need a biggy that frequently. This year when we were looking around at other sites for inspiration, […]

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