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Michaela has more than five years' experience working in the digital marketing industry, writing articles on a diverse range of subjects, including ecommerce, travel and technology. In her spare time, Michaela works as a theatre critic, reviewing the best and worst of London's West End and occasionally treading the boards herself.

Search Me – an SEO Glossary Without the Jargon

If you’re running a business and looking to improve your website you’ve probably come across a lot of bizarre terms like ‘link juice’, ‘bots’ and a surprising amount of animals (spiders, pandas, hummingbirds etc.) that seem to have something to do with Google… This SEO Glossary will help to clear things up.

How to Keep Google Happy – Create Quality Content

Ah Google, we love you. Up there with the likes of Starbucks, Primark and Apple, it’s taking over the world. OK so we might not love them all (and my recent battle with Android caused me much rage), but we do respect it. And if your business wants any kind of web presence, you need to keep Google happy […]

Five Content Marketing Mistakes you Need to Stop Making

Content is king… they repeat, over and over again! Yes, we know that content is very important but if you’re doing it wrong, it’s not king – oh it’s not even princely. It’s more like the court jester. So how do you make sure that your content is working for you? Well, you can start […]

Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses

Can your business really afford to keep ignoring social media? I know that we go on and on about the importance of social media for businesses and you might still be sceptical, but we wouldn’t keep harping on about it if it wasn’t relevant. So how do you decide on your plan of attack? Choose […]

Cure Your Love/hate Relationship With Apostrophes

Stop using rogue apostrophes. Please. Just stop. Ah the English language. Isn’t it just great? The amount of words that are spelled the same, yet pronounced differently and the plethora of rules on grammar and spelling. Don’t you love it? No? Just me then… You might think it doesn’t matter because you know your business, […]

5 Content Marketing Tips That Are Easy to Implement

Small businesses may think they have a significant disadvantage when it comes to content marketing because they just don’t have the resources to create content. The problem is that as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) becomes more sophisticated, your company’s website needs to have a regular supply of original content. Now you could ignore this and […]

5 Killer Content Ideas for Your Facebook Business Page

Once you’ve set up your business page you might think that you can just post anything and everyone who’s liked your page will be able to see and interact with your post. Nope, not true. Liking a page takes seconds and doesn’t involve any thought. Liking a post on the other hand isn’t taken lightly […]

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