Create Your Own Twitter Moments

Twitter MomentsThat’s right – you now have the power to create your very own moment. A cultural movement. A second in time that will send ripples through the world’s consciousness. Or gather a few tweets into something kinda neat with very little effort.

Recap: what’s a Twitter Moment again?

Remember that tab on Twitter that you only click on by accident? It gives you that sort of news stream thing? That’s Moments.

A Moment is a collection of tweets about big news stories: pictures, videos and so on.

I was quite rude about Moments when it launched and I have to say – I’ve not changed my mind. Twitter, yet again, is playing catch-up. Snapchat and Instagram Stories seem to have nudged them into allowing users more curation power and the ability share their stories – for better or worse.

But what about YOUR Moments?

Leaving world domination aside, Moments opening up to the public is a big deal.

This is basically a curation (ick) tool: you can collage your tweets into a lovely story with commentary.

Things you can do with Moments:

  • Summarise a Twitter campaign: bundle all your polls, pictures, links, retweets and replies into one lovely package to share with the big bosses
  • Launch a guide to something: write a step-by-step process from your own advice tweets
  • Analyse a news story: collect news sources into one place to help you either work out or share what’s going on
  • Do a cheery roundup: your favourite facts, inspiration or feedback of the day
  • Survey a group’s emotions: scour Twitter for opinions on a subject and pull them together in a debate
  • An ‘in case you missed it’ summary of an event you’ve put on, through your eyes and the tweets of attendees
  • Build a blog post: collect relevant tweets and then embed in your blog with no extra effort

Create your first Moment

1. Click the Moments tab and hit Create new Moment

Where to find moments

2. Write a title and description, then set a cover image for your Moment

Add a title and description to your moment

3. Add tweets to your Moment

This can be from a list of tweets you’ve liked, or you can search specific accounts. You can also search for tweets linked to a topic or paste in a direct link to a tweet.

Just go down the list of tweet and click the tick mark next to the ones you want to include. The text and media will show up when you publish.

Add tweets you've liked to your moment

4. Check your options

In the options menu, you can choose to alert people that your story contains sensitive material, include a location or share your Moment privately (so it can only be found by a link).

I’ve been using the private feature to share drafts of stories before sending them out into the world.

Choose options fr your Moment

5. Share your Moment

What you get out at the end is a link like any other (it will show up with your story’s title and cover image), which you can share to your Twitter page. The story will also go into the main Moments feed.

6. Embed your Moment

Once it’s published, you can view your Moment and get the link to send people or grab the embed code. This stuff is a ready-made blog post for you, so it’s a great time-saver.

Embed your Moment

Should you bother with Twitter Moments?

It takes minutes and you may find it useful even if it’s just for sharing what’s going on with social to people in your business.

Being able to build a really engaging news story for your blog in minutes is potentially a really cool way to kill two birds with one stone, so it’s worth a quick try to see how you like it.

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