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Feeding the Social Media Monster! Quantity, Quality or by Stealth?

Feeding the Social Media Monster! Quantity, Quality or by Stealth? One of the first articles I penned for this column was called “What’s stopping you from Blogging”.   In the article, the main opposition I highlighted was the time commitment it takes to produce good quality content for the Social Media networks plus your own Blog.  […]

The All New – MySpace for Small Business?

MySpace was the original Social Media network of any size. Before Facebook and Twitter really got going, it was the only place to be with 10s of millions of subscribers right around the world. But a failure to invest and a subtle change in fashion around 2009/10 led to its demise. MySpace never catered for business […]

Infographic Creation and Social Media Sharing With Piktochart

Just under a year ago, I wrote a Blog on this site called “Infographics and Social Media”.  If you have not read it, do go back and take a look. It is a good Blog, (although I say it myself!), explaining why a small business might consider publishing an Infographic and how. At the end, […]

YouTube or Vimeo for Small Business?

If you have searched for video content recently, the chances are that you were directed to a YouTube site. But sometimes you will have come across Vimeo. Vimeo is video hosting site that has a free to use option with Social Media community features- just like YouTube which make it an interesting choice – for some types […]

Choosing a WordPress Blog Style Theme

If you have been reading this column, you will have been convinced of the business benefits of opening up your own Blog. Like the vast majority of small business owners, you will no doubt be thinking about using a WordPress Blog.  And once you have given some thought to what content you will present,you can […]

Very Pinteresting for Small Business (Pinterest Business Pages)

I wrote a Blog in this column a few months ago (March 2012) when Pinterest was just taking off in the UK and more especially the first UK businesses were considering whether to add this Social Media outlet to their portfolio. At the time, I said that it would make sense if your business was […]

Social Media Content Curation With Scoop.it!

They have a term for it: The Content Wall. It is akin to the age old problem of “writers’ block”.  But it is easy to underestimate how important this aspect of Social Media Marketing is until you have tried building an audience on Twitter or Facebook yourself. The things is, anyone can open a Facebook […]

Hands Up if You Agree That Social Media Can Break the 1% Rule?

Outside of pure retail and excluding impulse or emergency need purchases, most businesses have to work hard to create a sales pipeline. In a typical face to face sales model, a sales person will have to contact maybe 100 people by phone to get 5 appointments to make one sale. This is the “1% Conversion […]

Can Skype Ever Be a Social Network for Business?

By a loose definition Skype can be considered a Social Network. For a start, it is a network in the traditional telecommunications sense. You can make a standard telephone call, you can video call and you can send a Text and Chat. It’s free to use like most Social Media.  Added to this that you […]

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