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Social Reviews Made Easy With YOTPO

When it comes to what we like, we humans are a predictable species. On the whole, we like what other people like.  And the advent of product reviews on Facebook and Twitter has bought the world of e-commerce and Social Media much closer together in recent years.   YOTPO is a relatively new company set […]

Why Your Business Should Be Interested in Pinterest

Pinterest is like a virtual pinboard.  Users simply take a image and pin it either to a board they have created or pin it to an existing board. If you have ever created a “Mood Board” for your self, perhaps to express to an Interior Decorator the styles, themes and colours that excite you, then […]

Integrated Social Media Can Help Your Business

If you look through the posts on social media on this site, it is clear that the many tools can be used for many purposes.  Most small businesses are only playing with basic posts, trying to obtain fans and maybe taking advantage of the PPC advertising opportunities on Facebook.  But this is missing a big […]

Is Your Post About to Get the Facebook Hook?

A common show in a 1930s US Vaudeville house was Amateur Night, when local talent competed for modest prizes and an opportunity to get a start in show business. Very bad acts were jeered and booed until the manager would reach out from the wings with a long pole bearing a hook at the end […]

Will Google+ Rock Your World With a Business Matchmaking Service?

We have been waiting for a while to find out how Google+ intends to compete with the mighty Facebook for business traffic and customers. Well with Google “Search plus Your World” we may have more of an answer. A while back I said that at least Google+ had a more a business like look and […]

Social Media and Leadership in Small Companies

Even the smallest of business will have a certain style. A way of doing business. A way of treating customers. And successful businesses tend to have found ways of doing things that are that are unique or different to competitors. In large companies, this is collectively known as “the brand”. But even small businesses will […]

Getting Your Share of Social Media Shares

This is fast becoming the “old chestnut” of questions about using social media networks to promote your business.  For example: “I have created some good content and posted it on all my social media sites, but it is not being shared.  What can I do?” Well, the first thing to remember is that when you […]

April Fool’s Updated for the Social Media Age!

Does 3D Radio work?*  This was one of the best April Fools released last year.  If you are reading this post before April 1st 2012 then you are in luck.  Because this means that you have the chance to conceive, create and distribute your own April Fool publicity campaign.  And the advent of free Social […]

Sharing an Instagram on Social Media

Getting customers and prospects to share your company Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter post is the Holy Grail of Social Media Marketing. Whole Blogs and indeed books have been written on the subject because if you can get people to share your information and in the extreme, have something “go viral”, it can do wonders […]

Infographics and Social Media

An Infographic is simply the combination of the words “Information” and “Graphics” used to present complex data or “Big Data” as it is also known. Infographics are already huge on the Internet, but there are a few trends coming together that mean every business should consider using them to promote their business.  But perhaps the […]

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