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Social Media Sales by Online Party Planning

Party Planning has been around for a many years. Familiar companies such as Avon and Amway have grown business empires using the not so humble Party Plan. More recently in the UK, Virgin Vie, Nutrimetics and even Anne Summers have used the Party Plan as a sales channel. But the industry is undergoing a transformation […]

Event Marketing on Your Facebook Business Page

At the top of your Facebook Business Page there is an icon marked, “Events”.   Click on this to open a Calendar and use it to advertise a forth coming business event to your Facebook Friends. Sounds simple enough – and it is, except there are a few tricks to make this work harder for your […]

Social Media – Rats in a Barrel?

With Facebook centre stage in the pages of the City Press- right now for the wrong reasons as the share price is falling – it is tempting to say that the influence of Social Media for business has reached a peak. But huge as it is, Facebook is only a fraction of the Internet population […]

AudioBoo – Plus and Pro

People are different. Some are good at sport.  Some are good at artistic endeavors. Some like to write and some prefer to talk. Most Social Networks are based on the written word. And specifically, require a good typing speed. But not everyone likes to write or even type.  I happen to work in an industry […]

Facebook Insights – a Couple of Key Indicators

Once you understand that Facebook’s main aim in supplying Insight data is to persuade you to take out advertisements with them, you can start to see why they highlight and give Facebook Business Page owners so much demographic data and so on. This is great and some small business would prosper by taking out a […]

Facebook Business Pages – How to Use Daily Negative Feedback Insight

Being “Un-Liked” is not a nice experience on your personal Facebook Page, but when it happens on your Facebook Business Page – it can mean sales trouble ahead. The point of Social Media for Business is that you aim to get subtle (or sometimes direct) endorsement of your products or services in the form of […]

Improve Your Sales and Marketing Using Facebook Timeline Tabs (Apps)

It has been nearly a month since Facebook unilaterally changed all existing Facebook Business Pages to a Timeline format. The most pressing need for small businesses has been to find a wide screen format picture to represent their brand as a “Cover” on the mast head of the Facebook Page, (Facebook see the new Timeline […]

Social Member Get Member!

In an earlier post I explained how Social Media and e-commerce worked together to increase overall sales.   You build a group of Fans or Followers on your chosen Social Media, whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or another Social Media network – and then you sell to them indirectly through an integrated e-commerce site.  And smart […]

Social Commerce and the Justuno Widget

In the last year or so, the Social Media Networks and e-commerce platforms have been pushed together to achieve the same aims for business. Selling more stuff!   Justuno is a Social Commerce tool that helps you to build your Social Network by offering coupons when someone has “Liked” your Facebook site, for example. In the […]

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