SEO Mythbusters – Instant Gratification and Success

SEO isn't something that happens overnight

They not only guarantee success, they suggest you won’t have to wait for it:

  • “We provide Search Engine Optimization with Express-SEO service that provides optimisation within 24 hours at a very affordable prize.”
  • “We will help you achieve phenomenal results in no time.”
  • “How YOU Can Grab The Top Spots In Google In 24 Hours Or LESS!”

All of the quotes on this page are quoted direct from email marketing material or websites from those companies who have approached our customers, who in turn have informed us.


Achieving sustainable success in search engines is a long haul task.  The search results are constantly changing and businesses are vying to appear prominently for the key terms in their industry.

Long term SEO success requires hard work, investment and rooting SEO principles into the lifecycle of your website.

It’s fair to say that most websites will have quick wins that can be made to give them a boost in search engines, but it’s unlikely to grab them the top spots or for any length of time.

Ask yourself why you are considering SEO?  Are you looking for a quick boost that will be gone in a few days or are you looking for sustainable long-term success?

Google guide

Any business considering hiring an SEO company should read Google’s comprehensive guide on the matter. It includes the questions to ask and the potential pitfalls of hiring an unsuitable company.

The guide is available here.

Bottom line:

A legitimate SEO company will be able to size up the market opportunity for your site and deliver a detailed plan in order to get you there. Rule of thumb, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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