4 Ideas for Your Website Content

In my last blog I was talking about not blogging just for the sake of it – I probably burst a few content idea bubbles so it’s only fair that I suggest some other ways that you can get that lovely rich content on your website.

1.    Reviews

I love website reviews, as consumers become less interested in receiving ‘push’ marketing messages (let’s face it they probably never liked them), then what better than to get someone else to give the benefits of your products for you? Yes you will have to take the rough with the smooth and acknowledge that not all reviews will be 5 star glowing reports, but if you have a good product that hasn’t been mis-sold, it will speak for itself. Always make sure that you thank people for their messages and give a response to the not so positive, taking on board their feedback and showing how you’ll use it for better.

2.    Expert opinion

After their peers, people like to get the nod from an expert that what they’re choosing is fit for purpose. They also want impartial advice as to how to make a decision. This is where expert reviews come in, make sure the person is totally impartial and if possible well known and respected by your audience. Get them to think outside the box with the type of advice they’re offering – a review of your product is good as long as it doesn’t seem scripted by yourselves, or what about unexpected ways of how to use your product?

3.    How to guides

If your product is really self explanatory this is probably not too good for you, but if it’s not then a nice video guide of setting it up and how to use it can be popular and also give you some great rich media content. Examples of it in use with normal people (different members of the family, people off the street) can be entertaining aswell as feel like they’re hearing from their peers again (see point 1). Don’t feel like these need to be shot perfectly with big expense and video equipment. As long as the picture is clear and sound quality is good then you can use your iPhone (be  careful with shooting outside due to wind noise).

4.    Q&A

A very visited section of a website and often too hard to find, Q&A can be very powerful, if answering the right questions. Find out from your support team, customer services, sales and the visitors themselves what are recurring topics and lay out the page simply and clearly. If you have web analytics for your site then check out search terms for what people are looking for, you may find you have information hidden that shouldn’t be.