4 Ways to Get Your Website Content Being Spread Like Butter

One of the reasons that Social Media became so popular with marketers was the lure of getting their brand out there to millions of people without spending lots of money. Now we know the reality is that money does need to spent and social is something that can’t be forced, however we can also take away how vital it is to have shareable content. I’ve got four ways below that you can achieve this…

1.    Creating urgency of your promotions

By this I mean, don’t just talk about how great your products are but give people a reason to go “wow that’s amazing, I must tell all my friends to check it out!”

Promotions and offers are always helpful but make sure you’re not a)eroding your profit too heavily and b)making your product seem cheap and not the quality that is expected. A good trick with offers is to give them a deadline, that’s why daily offers are so popular – there is a sense of urgency created and the decision can’t be put off until another day. Another way to create this urgency is only release it to the first 10/20/100 people who purchase – well you’d want to be one of those! Have a countdown on your website so that when people visit they can see they’re running out of time/availability.

2.    Make it unique

ASOS do this really well on their Facebook page – they offer unique content to people who visit and like them, so it drives likes. The same can be applied to your website – if it’s the only place for someone to get that offer/guide/access to a special product, then they’ll tell people about it and will make sure they go there.

3.    Pander the ego

When people are sharing content then there’s an element of ego about it, no-one wants to be seen as the person with bad taste, sharing something that people have seen five times already or that is just a bit naff. Give your content a coolness (is it retro, on trend, are they the first to hear about it) and they will want to fire it out to as many people as possible.

4.    Kill them with cuteness

You may laugh (or if you’re male probably roll the eyes) but cuteness is something that us gals like to share. I saw a viral video last month where a guy had a live stream to a box of new kittens just born. My whole team were soon talking about it and squeaking whenever one of them moved, there were even texts going on in the evening. It was tragic but it spread quicker than free Benefit makeup with Glamour mag.