4 YouTube Channels for Content Marketing Advice

I am a big fan of YouTube. Though it is probably most commonly known nowadays for video gaming channels and beauty vloggers, it does offer a very rich and varied amount of business related channels, especially when it comes to marketing related topics, and the busy realm of content marketing is no exception.

As an avid online video viewer, my number one rule of cracking business video is that it has to be “snackable;” i.e., short, punchy and digestible. In my opinion, 10 minutes or less is enough time to fit enough valuable information in without letting the video get rambly or complicated. All of the channels on this list feature videos that fit this bill, and you can easily catch a couple within a lunch break or commute; so here goes!

Salma Jafri

Youtube Channel Link: Salma Jafri

I think Salma’s channel is awesome, and I make sure to tune in for every video. Salma is an established marketing expert based in Karachi, Pakistan; and describes her marketing tips and “non-icky and non-sleazy,” which is a hang up a lot of people have about sales and marketing. Her show, Content Marketing Tips, provides actionable and practical advice that will enhance the skills of any marketer.

What I like most about Salma is her colourful descriptions and lively delivery. Though her videos are simply her talking to a camera with a few visual aids, Salma is most definitely not one of those talking heads that will send you to sleep. Her passion for marketing, her practical knowledge and experience, and her natural presentation skills make her channel especially great for those starting out on their marketing journey; she injects life into what could easily become dry theory-based topics and gets you thinking about the practical elements of content and marketing.


YouTube Channel Link: Koozai

Koozai’s channel is mainly geared towards SEO, but they do have many excellent videos about content and social topics; though it always pays to have an idea of SEO implications when you are embarking on any kind of content journey, so be sure to check out these too. Koozai are a digital marketing agency based in London and Southampton, and as such they maintain an overall approach to marketing and making the most of your digital presence.

This makes their channel a great resource for people who want a “one-stop-shop” for all kinds of online marketing advice. It’s also an awesome destination for those who love the analytical, data-driven side of marketing. It’s also worth noting their informative videos on PPC and Google’s paid advertising avenues, as they simplify this often confusing topic and really break things down for newbies.

Roberto Blake

YouTube Channel Link: Roberto Blake

I really like Roberto Blake’s channel, and it’s great for those looking to create graphics and video, though his videos often have takeaways that you can apply to all kinds of content. Roberto is a designer and marketer based in North Carolina, USA, and his YouTube channel focuses on the practicalities and the technical side of content creation. Roberto has a clear and friendly delivery and his expertise really shines forth. Though some of his videos may seem like casual vlogs, you’ll notice that he stays on-topic with a laser-like focus, and you can tell he really cares about sharing his knowledge with his YouTube audience. The tagline on his header image really represents what his channel is all about: “Always Be Creating.”

Roberto also occasionally calls upon experts to feature with him in videos to discuss their own areas of expertise; opening up his channel to topics such as entrepreneurship, branding, as well as specific elements of design and video production. This makes his channel a great destination for small businesses everywhere.

Content Marketing Institute

YouTube Channel Link: Content Marketing Institute

This channel features snippets from keynote speeches taken from their own #CMWorld seminars and from other relevant events such as the Intelligent Content Conference. You’ll find a number of big names from the content marketing world on this channel, such as Rand Fishkin, Jay Baer, Andrew Davis and Ann Handley. As you can probably tell by the name, this channel is dedicated to content marketing and making the most out of your content marketing journey.

The reason I put this last is that I feel it teaches at a somewhat intermediate level, so I’d suggest you check out the previous channels before you give this one a go. They do feature occasional panel-style interviews with 4 experts, but personally I prefer the speech snippets to the conversational style. I do have one minor critique for this channel – it’s obvious that most of the speakers are referring to slide presentations that their in-person audience can see, but we online viewers cannot. It’s a little point, but I feel that visual learners would benefit much more from seeing the presentations that the speakers will have worked so hard on.

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What are your favourite YouTube marketing and business resources? Do you have any favourite channels that you’d suggest to a budding content marketer? Please share your links down in the comments!