6 Must Do Website Content Types for 2013 – Part 2

As we’re all into week two of work and getting through our first full week, I’m covering the second part of my blogs on must do content types for this year. Last week I covered blogs (decent ones), infographics and video – if you missed it then check it out here.

This week we have three more delightful areas for you to discover…

4. Get the experts in for a feature/article

You hopefully have a wealth of in-house knowledge that you can tap up for great website content, but even if you do there are benefits to bringing in an external expert to write for you. Firstly they will (should) have their own popularity and following, this will add to the credibility of your website through theirs. Secondly they will have ideas and angles that you hadn’t thought of so you’ll get an injection of fresh opinions and knowledge to liven up your content. Some people are happy to do a series for you which works well because you can get a guide/larger article and then in future break it down into smaller blogs and tips.

5. Make your site mobile

You can’t ignore the fact that most people have at least one mobile phone and usually also have a tablet in their household aswell. Purchasing via a mobile device is growing at a huge rate and people use their mobile not only at times when they can’t access a desktop (think commuting/travelling) but they also use them at the same time as consuming other media (in front of the television). Only yesterday I was watching a film with my hubby whilst he was surfing on his phone to find out more about the history behind the crusades (Robin Hood). When I’m ill it’s straight onto the tablet for me to relieve my boredom with shopping – you need your site to have a mobile presence and a good one at that!

6. User generated content

This was big a few of years ago when MMS and picture messaging first came out. Larger brands got their users to text in their pictures for competitions and campaigns. It was great because it got the users involved and engaged with them and usually these things easily went viral. It’s not to be forgotten today because people like to be advised by their peers so travel companies are clued into reviews and travellers photos (Trip Advisor is now huge) and shoppers will always look for reviews of their purchase items before making a decision. Blogs and comments are a form of user generated content, it’s a great way to get fresh and new content without having to write it all yourself. My main tip here would be to make sure you have a good way to moderate or you’ll end up with all sorts of undesirable items appearing on your site.