How Do I Monitor the Success of My Banner Ad?

Monitoring the success of banner advertising will allow you to improve your campaign

It’s tempting to think that once you’ve created your banner adverts and placed them, your job is done. In fact it’s vital to measure how your ads are performing over time – so you can make adjustments and maximise your return on investment.

There are several measures used to gauge banner ad success:

  • page views (also called page impressions) – the number of times your banner ad has been displayed on a particular website
  • click-throughs – the number of visitors who click on your banner ad and arrive at your website
  • click-through rate – the percentage of visitors who saw your banner ad that actually clicked through
  • cost per action – how much money you’ve spent on web promotion using banner adverts, compared to how many people took the action you wanted as a result

What are you trying to achieve?

As with any form of advertising, you need to make sure you have clear goals. Are you trying to boost sales of a particular product or service, increase brand awareness or expand into a particular market? Bear this in mind when you’re evaluating how successful your banner ads have been.

Simply measuring how many click-throughs you get isn’t necessarily a good indicator of how well your adverts are engaging your visitors. After all, if they come to your website and leave straight away, they haven’t become your customer – and you’ve had to pay for the privilege.

Instead, measure the action you want them to take – whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, calling your business or making a purchase. It’s also good to look at how long they spent on your website and how many pages they visited – the more time they spent browsing, the more likely they are to become customers in future.

Can an agency help?

If an agency or banner ad specialist is placing your adverts for you, they should be able to give you regular reports on how your ads are performing. Depending on the service you’re paying for, they might also give you advice on how to change your strategy – for example, by redesigning or rewording your adverts.