Learnings From Websites #1 Brandwatch

Ok so for this blog I thought I’d start looking at websites that I admire but who manage their online content in different ways. This week I’m looking at Brandwatch who provide social media monitoring tools and have been going for a couple of years.

Brandwatch homepage

I love this site, it’s very clean and easy to navigate through with a simple structure.

They manage the clean look by putting a lot of their sub navigation in the footer, it’s below the fold so doesn’t confuse but makes it easy to know what to expect in each section without having to click through lots of options.

I also like the design of their pages, they use different colours to lift the page and keep you engaged and have quite an open feeling despite the fact that they include quite a lot of content on their homepage.

What’s interesting is that they don’t use a lot of ‘word’ content on their homepage which is known to be good for SEO ranking. On their internal pages there is a lot of copy however so if they’re deep-linking to those pages then they’re safe on that front.

Internal page example

A final word on Brandwatch is a nod to their blog. They make great use of this by adding at least 7 per month (which is no mean feat!) By using a team of blog writers they are keeping their content up to date and providing some great insight into what they do, industry news and opinion. This content is great for a regular email newsletter and for using the content across their many social sites.

Brandwatch Blog