Plumbers – Stop the Leak and Gain More Customers Through the Internet!

Plumbers Infographic
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Are you in the plumbing industry? Do you have a website? If the answer is yes and then no, it’s worth checking out our new infographic – Stop the leak.

Google statistics show that there are 823,000 searches for the keyword ‘plumbers’ nationwide, every month. This means UK plumbers without a website could be missing out on a large number of these ‘in market’ consumers.

We’ve created Stop the leak to highlight the opportunity for plumbers to market themselves and gain more customers by having a website.

The infographic highlights the regular demand for plumbers with many Google searches being location-specific; there are 40,500* of these queries each month for ‘London plumbers’ alone.

As stated in the infographic, 58% of all purchase decisions now begin with a search engine**. The internet is becoming the main research tool for anyone looking for a product or service, so plumbers without a website could find themselves being left behind.

Many plumbers feel that the best way to market themselves is by word of mouth and do not realise the potential value of an online presence***. These businesses fall into the 54% of small enterprises that do not have a website****.

There are various ways that plumbers can use online channels including e-mail, web content and advertising, to turn search queries into real customers.

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