Six Guidelines for Shopping Basket Usability

A good shopping basket can mean the difference between making or losing a sale.  Getting it right is another petal on the rose that is customer trust and loyalty.

Total cost, total cost, total cost
Be up front right from the start.  Mention any taxes, postage and packing, or other charges.  Ensure the value in their basket is what they’ll actually pay.

Stock availability
If I’m gonna have to wait 6 weeks, I’d rather know about it.  And it’s in your interests, too – else you’ll just end up having to cancel orders from disgruntled customers.

Links back to product pages
Am I the only one who quadruple checks their purchases before checking out?  Turns out I’m not.  Showing clickable thumbnail images in your shopping basket will keep us nervous-folk happy.

Ability to modify
Sounds obvious, but so many overlook it.  Let your customers delete items and change quantities.

Build trust
Keep on building that rose – mention payment security (assuming your site is secure, which it should be), your returns policy, guarantees and post-sale support.

Continue shopping
Let them get back to where they were – drop them into the page they came from (including any searches, filters they’d done) rather than the home page.

Getting your shopping basket right gives another dose of reassurance, that you know what you’re doing.

Don’t agree?  Something I’ve missed?  Leave a comment below…