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Social Media Top Tips for Halloween

Halloween has become a huge event in the UK, with consumers spending over £300 million on Halloween products according to Mintel research. Any popular season or special event is the perfect opportunity to ramp up your social media engagement, and the best thing is that you don’t have to sell Halloween items to make the most of this spooky day. In this article I list my top tips for Halloween social media marketing.

Share Your Halloween Tips

No matter what your business is, there is most likely some sort of top Halloween tip you can share with others. Useful ones are good, but funny tips also work well.

For example:

You can either share all your tips in one go, or share them as a series of Tweets/Facebook posts over several days (one or two a day). Don’t forget to add images and hashtags to help get your tips noticed.

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Dress Your Products for The Season

Social Media is an online virtual shop window, and just like a shop window you can dress your products for the season and showcase them using photos. You may not have Halloween-specific products, but you can still use them to take some really interesting seasonal photos by using props to create a display.

For example, if you sell jewellery, you could pick out any pieces that have a slightly gothic style, and display them with some Halloween props like skeletons or spiders – or could pick out any jewellery you have that has orange in it and create a display with it around a pumpkin. Photograph your creation and post it up on social media with relevant hashtags and emojis for a great visual piece to attract customers.

Get Your Customers Involved

A great way to get customers to participate in your social media around Halloween is to get them involved in the campaign. You can have them suggest ideas, share their photos/videos, participate in polls etc – this creates a lot of engagement and can be great fun. It’s always best to try and keep it partially relevant to your business, but let your imagination run wild!

Here are some ideas:

Good Old Team Spirit

Customers like seeing the people behind a business, it helps with transparency and makes customers feel at ease. So why not get your team involved in some way.

You could:

If you’d like to create a big Halloween social media campaign, I recommend you also read my previous blog Get Your Social Media Ready for an Event where I talk in-depth on how to plan a campaign around an event or season.

As you can see from my tips, you don’t have to sell Halloween products to be able to take part – there are ideas for so many varied professions, from accountants to gardeners. Have fun with your social media on Halloween, it’s a light-hearted holiday and a good time to let customers see your personality.

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With a little modification, you can use these tips for future events and seasons too – remember, Christmas is just around the corner!