The Lesson That Businesses Can Learn From Beyonce’s Baby

In the first days of motherhood, a woman is expected to do certain things. Resting, caring for her child, riding a roller-coaster of hormones; these things are all pretty run of the mill. But some women, like Beyonce, have other priorities.

Within hours of her baby being born and named ‘Blue Ivy Carter’, www.blueivycarter.com was mysteriously purchased online and registered for a year. It is highly probable that this was engineered by the proud parents themselves or by their management – but why?

It is common practise nowadays for public figures and celebrities to register domain names containing their own, and their children’s names, online, to prevent over-keen fans, cybersquatters and/or smut-peddlers from using the names in a derogatory or invasive way.

Beyonce and Jay Z must have decided on the baby’s name last minute, else the domain name would have been snapped up weeks ago to ensure the name didn’t leak out and spur mass buying of the name.

How is this relevant to your business? Well, if you’re a growing brand, you could find yourself targeted by cybersquatters who may reserve a domain name containing your business name, and try to sell it back to you at a higher price. The lesson? Do a Beyonce and snap up your domain name early!