Do Video Banners Work?

Do Video Banners Work?

When was the last time you noticed a banner advert on a web page? I bet you notice the ones with video more than the ones without. I bet you notice with ones with sound the most. I also bet you get annoyed at the ones with sound. If we strike the balance video banners can still be effective for your business. Let’s take a look at how effective they are.

Click Through

Video BannersThe first question we have to ask is how often do banners create click through from customers and how does that compare to video banners? According to BI Intelligence video banners get three times as many clicks from new customers as static or animated banners. By any stretch of the imagination that is a huge margin and reason for considering the extra investment video requires. The obvious question you are probably asking is why video banners are so much more effective? The answer is simply that video is much more engaging. I write regularly about using video to engage with your customers and I make no apologies for going back to this point again now.

video banners get three times as many clicks from new customers as static or animated banners. Click To Tweet

People relate to the world around them through the stories they are told and that they tell themselves about how the world and people work. As a species we call ourselves Homo Sapiens, thinking man, but perhaps we should be Homo Narrantes Fabula. Story Telling Man. When we plan for the future we tell ourselves stories about what is going to happen. We call these predictions. When we remember the past we tell ourselves stories about the past. We call these memories and they are never accurate. We are all about stories. Still images can tell stories, and often do, but stories move. That’s why video is so much more engaging.

The Joy of Video Banners

Banners are a ubiquitous form of online advertising and you probably don’t even notice most of the banners you see each day. But since we now know how much more effective video banners are, we can use those to attract customers. But that leads to more questions. Like…

How Do We Catch Our Customer’s Eye?

Video BannersThe trick here is to have your video start with attractive action that works without sound. Human beings have a great propensity for seeing movement. How many times have you not seen a spider on your floor until it moves? It still has the same camaflage it had a minute ago. It’s still scuttling across the same coloured carpet. BUT you spotted the movement out of the corner of your eye and reacted. We need to start our videos with plenty of movement. People also like looking at people. So start your video with people, faces, dancing, sport. Whatever they are doing make your people move. My final point to say on catching the eye is that people love bright colours. They draw the attention. Theoretically that means that people covered in paint dancing should be the most eye catching video opening possible..

Where Do We Place Our Banners?

This comes back to that old chestnut, knowing your customers. We need to know who our customers are so that we can target them with our banners. You will often browse for something online and then be on a completely unrelated website and see an advert for the very thing you were browsing. The adverts have followed you. We accept this as part of our browsing experience and it can be very helpful. BUT (there’s that word again) how much more effective is a banner when we are surprised by it. So we add to the clickability we have created with our movement packed, brightly coloured, people centric video by adding the element of surprise.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about supplementary purchases. Is your product associated with another? Do your customers often shop for some other range of products? You could place your banner advert for carpets on a site where people discuss home decor. Or you could place your carpet banner on a site where people are trying to find a local window cleaner. “Why?” you ask. Those two things are unrelated. They are, but they are both things that people look for when they move home and your advert showing up in an unexpected place gives you more recognition.

Remember, banner adverts still work. Video marketing works better than any other kind of marketing. You can maximise the return you earn from your marketing by being eye catching and being unexpected.