What Kind of Web Content Will Make My Business More Sustainable?

The web can help your business to be more sustainable

Most business website content makes a contribution to sustainability – because it reduces the need for other, less sustainable business activities.

Sustainable marketing

For a start, your business website can be a far more sustainable form of marketing than traditional methods:

  • shorter print runs – online marketing may not eliminate the need for other marketing material, but it can reduce total print volumes
  • fewer reprints – online business information can be updated quickly and at low cost, without the need for reprints
  • fewer mailouts – strong website content can convince customers to give you their contact details and allow you to send material by email instead
  • reduced travel – for example, if customers can see product videos online rather than needing a sales visit

Sustainable business practices

There are other opportunities too:

  • online ordering and invoicing can replace paper documentation
  • support materials, such as product manuals, can be provided as online content
  • advice for customers – you can publish information that helps customers recycle your products, for example

What’s more, all of these options don’t just directly contribute to improved environmental performance. They also cut costs, helping to improve your business’ financial sustainability.

Social sustainability

Your business website can also help to strengthen your ties with employees, customers and the local community. For example, you might look at ways of including user-generated content (UGC), improving your engagement with these key groups.

At the same time, you may want to use your website to help communicate what you are doing to make your business more sustainable. Again, this can help build relationships – and focus the attention of everyone involved with your business on the importance of sustainability.

To make all this happen, you’ll need to make a real commitment to your business website. A one-off exercise to plan online content won’t be enough. You’ll also need to plan effective content management systems, so that your website can continue to make an effective contribution to improving sustainability.