What Should Feature on Your Website This Christmas?

It’s nearly Christmas so what should be featuring on your website this month? I’m taking a look at a few opposing industries and suggesting website content that will help increase those precious sales/conversions this month…


It’s a no brainer here, people are buying last minute gifts so make sure that you have something for everyone featured on your homepage. Think beyond Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister and help people to get something for those harder to find for – Grandparents get me every time or that secret santa present for under a tenner.

Make sure that delivery times are really prominent on your website everywhere, one thing people are wary of at this month is the present not reaching them in time. Be clear on final delivery dates and let people know if you have a particularly busy day to avoid when you usually get jammed up on orders.

Don’t write off the holidays in fact for you this is a prime time for a captive audience, they’ve finished their huge Christmas dinner and the family are driving them mad so they start surfing online to spend the money they just got given. Most sites start their sales on Boxing day, last year they started even earlier – Why not do a half day only super sale on selected lines that only lasts Christmas afternoon. ASOS did a 50% sale for half a day and made people like them on Facebook to get the link, very clever – created a huge social buzz and no doubt soem serious spending by what people were tweeting!

B2B Sites

In December B2B websites suffer from a very short month, realistically you have just over two weeks to get your site to perform the equivalent of 4 weeks. Hopefully you already planned for this and your targets are lower, if not then you need to throw everything into those 2 weeks. A good technique is to have an offer that will run out mid month, if people have a deadline for an un-miss able offer then they’re more likely to convert quicker. It doesn’t have to be a discount (although that will of course help if you get recurring revenue out of the business), we’ve offered chocolate hampers and had a very positive response previously.

Make sure you are emailing your database nice and early to push traffic to your website, a cheeky guide or report with a fun twist will also help to engage people when they’re beginning to feel a bit more relaxed and less inclined to do taxing tasks.