Why Good Website Content = More Google Juice

How to rank well in Google search results
Good website content will help ranking in search results

There are many reasons why you should be paying particular care to the quality of your website content, greater conversions, loyalty, being see as a thought leader, recommendation. A really important one to add to that list is that you’ll get more Google juice.

Google is paying more and more attention to how good website content is and that is affecting website rankings. So don’t get too bogged down with just creating good page titles and stuffing keywords into your page – make sure the writing is top notch.

The guys at Webcredible did some research on Googles top 5 ranked pages for the most searched on keywords and found that the following had a big impact:

  • Updating: You need to be frequently updating your content. At the least once every few weeks but ideally more than once a week
  • Spelling and grammar: Avoid errors. No page had more than three misspelled words or four grammatical errors.
  • Paragraphs: Don’t have lengthy blocks text, Google prefer brief (1-4) sentences
  • Lists: They like bulleted and numbered lists so use these instead of lengthy paras
  • Sentence length: Again sentences are brief (10 words or fewer). And if you’re going for longer ones then sprinkle them about instead of clumping them
  • Contextual relevance: Don’t just throw in keywords – make sure text contains numerous terms related to the them

So now you know, content needs to be good and is usually one of those things that can be overlooked or under invested. If you’re short on resource then you can find many a skilled freelancer who has a strong portfolio or if you have more budget to spend then there are more and more content writing companies popping up. With either make sure that they run content past you for a while until you’re comfortable to leave them to their own devices.

If you’re not outsourcing then make sure a skilled copywriter is editing copy before it goes on your site. A marketing person who deals with PR is a good place to start.