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Cookie Policy

Yell Cookie Policy

1. What are cookies?
2. What are pixels?
3. What cookies are used on this website?
4. The Facebook pixel
5. Advertising cookies Yell uses on our business partner websites
6. Cookie consent
7. Third party cookies
8. How can I reject or opt out of receiving cookies?
9. Changes to this cookie policy
This cookie policy relates to your use of our websites located at and This website is operated by Yell Limited. We are a digital marketing company connecting consumers and businesses online.

Throughout our websites we may link to other websites owned and operated by certain trusted third parties to make additional products and services available to you. These other third-party websites may also use cookies or similar technologies in accordance with their own separate policies. For privacy information relating to these other third-party websites, please consult their policies as appropriate.

We and our business partners use cookies and similar technologies to track your use of our website so that we can provide important features and functionality on our website, monitor its usage, and provide you with a more personal experience and to display information that matches your interests.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded on to your computer, tablet or smartphone when you access our websites. It allows our websites to recognise your device and store some information about your preferences and past actions.

What are pixels?

A tracking pixel is a small piece of code containing an image that is placed on a webpage you visit that is used among other things, to target and/ or remarket ads. When employed as a targeting or remarketing tool, the information is collected in an anonymous cookie, which is then used by our advertising to display targeted advertisements to select individuals. For example, if you visited searching for florists, you may be served a special offer advertisement from a flower shop when you visit Facebook, X (Twitter), or another website later on.

What cookies are used on this website?

The table below explains the cookies we and our partners use on our websites.

UserCentricsUsercentrics Consent Management PlatformThis cookie is used for compliance with legal obligations and consent storage.
Adobe AnalyticsAMCV###@AdobeOrgThe ID service uses our organisation ID, the Experience Cloud AMCV cookie, and a demdex cookie to create and store unique, persistent identifiers for visitors to our websites. These cookies let the ID service track visitors across our different domains and enable data sharing among different Experience Cloud solutions.
kndctrThis cookie identifies and stores an encoded copy of the Adobe Experience Cloud IDs (“ECIDs”) to track the behaviour of visitors to our websites.
The s_ cookies provide a unique identifier for a link. They are used to make reports in Activity Map more accurate.
LivepersonLPSIDCurrent active (or last) monitoring session. (1st party session cookie).
LPVIDVisitor ID identified in Conversational Cloud. (1st party persistent).
DoubleClickIDEThis cookie is used to provide ad delivery and/or retargeting.
ar_debugThis cookie is used by DoubleClick to debug ads.
Mouseflowmf_###Mouseflow uses this cookie for storing anonymous information about the current session only.
mf_userThis cookie checks if the user is new or returning.
Cloudflare__cf_bmCloudflare’s bot products identify and mitigate automated traffic to protect our sites from bots. The __cf_bm cookie is placed on end-user devices that access our sites protected by Bot Management or Bot Fight Mode. The __cf_bm cookie is necessary for these bot solutions to function properly.
This cookie expires after 30 minutes of continuous inactivity by the end user. The cookie contains information related to the calculation of Cloudflare’s proprietary bot score. The information in the cookie (other than time-related information) is encrypted.
__cfruidThe __cfruid cookie is strictly necessary to support Cloudflare Rate Limiting products. This cookie is required to manage incoming traffic and to have better visibility on the origin of a particular request.
Cf_clearanceClearance Cookie stores the proof of challenge passed. It is used to no longer issue a challenge if present. It is required to reach an origin server.
Youlead.ioYLIDThis cookie contains the unique identifier of the user.
Quantcast__qcaThis cookie is used to store and track audience reach.
Google_dc_gtm_UA-###This cookie stores the number of service requests.
_gaThis cookie are used to throttle the request rate and to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier.
_gcl_auThis cookie stores and tracks conversions.
_gidThis cookie registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how you use the websites.
Receive-Cookie-DeprecationPart of a Google Chrome experiment to identify if a user’s browser is in specific test groups within Chrome’s Privacy Sandbox initiative. Websites must opt-in to use it. The cookie tracks group participation and it will be discontinued after the experiment.
__Secure-ENIDThis cookie is used by Google to remember your preferences and other information.
SOCSThis cookie is used by Google to store a user’s state about their cookie choices.

UserCentricsUsercentrics Consent Management PlatformThis cookie is used for compliance with legal obligations and consent storage.
Prospect OneJSDelivrThis cookie is used for functionality, optimisation, customer support and analytics.
Amazon Web Servicescloudfront.netThis cookie is used for content delivery.
FonticonsFontawesomeThis cookie is used to provide fonts.
The Financial TimesPolyfilThis cookie is used to provide functionality and provide browser support.
X (Twitter)Twitter PluginThis cookie is used to display content and for social media interconnectivity.
Twitter AdvertisingThis cookie is used for profiling and advertising.
FacebookFacebook Social PluginsThis cookie is used to display content and for social media interconnectivity.
BuildscaleVidyardThis cookie is used for the integration of Facebook functions, optimisation and marketing.
MouseflowMouseflowThis cookie is used for personalisation and analytics.
StackPathBootstrapCDNThis cookie is used for analytics, displaying content and advertising.
GoogleDoubleClick AdThis cookie is used for advertising, analytics and optimisation.
Google Tag ManagerThis cookie is used for tag management.
Google FontsThis cookie is used to provide fonts and improve our service.
Google AJAXThis cookie is used for content delivery.
YouTube VideoThis cookie is used for displaying videos.
The cookies do not directly identify individual users and YouTube will not store information to personalise your experience unless you are logged in to a Google account.
If you have a Google account and are logged in, YouTube may set cookies for analytics and advertising purposes and collect data linked to your Google account.

Facebook pixel

Facebook PixelOur websites use pixels from Facebook to tailor the advertising you see on Facebook to relevant products, services, businesses or causes you may be interested in based on your searches on

Advertising cookies Yell uses on our business partner websites

Yell places adverts on a number of third party websites. We use cookies to control how often you are shown a particular advert on those websites, so that you do not see the same Yell sourced advert too frequently. We do not collect any personal data within these cookies.

Cookie consent

We will ask for your consent to place cookies or other similar technologies on your device, except where they are essential for us to provide you with a service that you have requested.

Third party cookies

Some of the cookies and the Facebook pixel described above are stored on your machine by third parties when you use our website. We have no control over these cookies or how the third parties use them. They are used to allow that third party to provide a service to us, for example analytics. For more information on these cookies and how to disable them, please see the third party’s individual privacy policy.

How can I reject or opt out of receiving cookies?

If you have previously consented to us storing cookies on your machine but then change your mind, you can do the following:

  • withdraw any consent to the use of cookies or manage any other cookie preferences via the Privacy Settings; and/or
  • delete the cookies from your browser. Most browsers also allow you to prevent all or some cookies being stored on your machine in the future. For more information on how to delete or disable cookies from your browser please use the “help” function within your browser or alternatively visit; and/or

Please be aware that disabling cookies may impact the functionality of the websites.

We can’t always control third party cookies stored on your machine from our website and setting your cookie preferences with us may not stop those third party cookies from being stored on your machine, you may need to manage these cookies directly with the relevant third party, please see our “Third Party Cookies” section above for more information.

If you want to know more about how cookies work and how to manage or delete them, visit the World Wide Web Consortium’s website (or, for third party cookies, visit

Changes to this cookie policy

We may update this policy from time to time so you may want to check it each time you visit our website.

We last changed this policy on 17 April 2024.