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Add a screen share to any phone call in seconds

CrankWheel Screen Sharing

Simple screen sharing

Designed to be simple. Made specifically for use during a call

CrankWheel easy to use

Easy to use

Easy for you, and dead simple for any prospect to connect

CrankWheel Any browser, any device

Works every time

View on any smartphone, tablet or computer without a download

CrankWheel Screen Sharing

Make sales easier by transforming any call into an online meeting

Sales leaders around the world use CrankWheel to instantly share their screen with prospects — no download required. You can show your prospects your screen on either their mobile device or computer in less than 10 seconds. Yes — it’s that fast and reliable.

Even though it’s powerful, CrankWheel is still extremely easy-to-use. You only need to spend time practicing your pitch; not fumbling around with the screen-sharing tool.

CrankWheel works over bad network connections, on obscure devices, and even old browsers. Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Internet Explorer, Blackberry - it simply always works!

Exclusive to Yell customers

3 months’ unlimited usage

plus a 25% discount if you need a paid plan after that

  • Screen sharing

    Easily connect any prospect, even the least tech-savvy, to your screen share in seconds. No download needed!

  • Branding

    Upload your logo, create a custom link for your organization, and use landing pages after meetings

  • Recording

    You can record your screen sharing sessions, along with audio

  • Team management

    Invite your whole team! No need to count seats, usage is all that counts

  • Remote control

    Grant your viewer remote control over your screen if needed

  • Reporting

    Understand your team’s usage and see how it correlates with sales