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Facebook Advertising

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We'll set up and get your Facebook advert seen at least 8 times per campaign or give you that month’s money back*

Why does your business need to advertise on Facebook?

53% of UK social media users chose Facebook as their favourite platform1 – this is probably where your customers are spending time too.

You can reach thousands of potential customers with targeted and cost-effective Social Adverts on Facebook. When you run a Social Advert campaign, you can define who sees your adverts by their location, gender, age and interests.

We create professional and engaging Facebook adverts

From single image, carousel or 20 second Facebook video ads, each ad format we create demonstrates your business perfectly on any device.


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Ideal for promoting a single product or service

tickSingle landing page


Single image


Facebook carousel advert screenshot

Perfect for advertisers looking to promote multiple products

tickMax 5 landing pages


Max 5 images


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Suitable for showcasing products or services. High engagement level

tickAll business types


20 second video

Reach & Frequency

we can target customers

To run successful Facebook adverts, you need to reach your audience often enough to get your message across but not too often that it becomes annoying. You can only set up Reach & Frequency yourself if you are targeting an audience of over 200,000 for a max of 90 days, and it starts getting very complicated and time consuming.

At Yell, we are unique in being able to set up Reach and Frequency for any size audience that you are targeting, across the entire length of your campaign.

Guaranteed performance

Yell guarantee stamp white

We can optimise your Facebook advert to ensure it is seen by the right person at least 8 times per campaign or get that month’s money back*

Facebook advertising from Yell - at a glance

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Manage the reach
(number of people)

Manage the frequency
(number of times)

Hassle-free service
at a set monthly budget

Custom adverts designed
by social experts

Full video creation

Advert checked to comply
with Facebook guidelines

Whether you’re new to Facebook advertising, or simply want help improving your Facebook marketing strategy, let the digital experts at Yell help increase awareness and visits to your business.

Find out more about Facebook advertising

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* We will refund a month's spend for any Facebook ad in any campaign in which we fail to achieve the audience target. More details here

1. Avocado Social 2016