A Crash Course in Making Good Ads

For a small business, making good ads isn’t about hiring Cindy Crawford and buying a Times Square billboard. We have to be – dare I say it – better than that. Our ads will be in trade magazines, directories and social media feeds. We have to keep it simple and effective to maximise our modest […]

22 Complex Marketing Terms Explained in Plain English

Marketing. Even if you don’t fully understand it, your business can’t live without it. It’s one of those topics where the jargon can sometimes be so impenetrable, even seasoned professionals are left scratching their heads now and again! If marketing lingo leaves you puzzled, then read on – we’ve compiled a glossary of 22 common […]

What Do Expanded Text Ads Mean for Your AdWords Campaign with Yell?

After weeks of anticipation, Google finally made Expanded Text Ads available to AdWords in late July, giving AdWords advertisers everywhere plenty of food for thought on how they can utilise the extra real estate afforded by Google to promote their business. What are Expanded Text Ads? In case you weren’t already aware, Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) are […]

What Business Video Producers Can Learn From Movie Trailers

What can we learn from movie trailers? In some of my previous blogs I’ve talked about using Facebook’s autoplay feature to entice an audience to watch your full video and therefore engage with your company or product. Today I’m going to write about what business video producers can learn from movie trailers. I’ll be looking […]

How To Create A Targeted Video Marketing Campaign

I want to put together everything I’ve been blogging about for the last three months and talk about how to create a video marketing campaign. I’ll be utilising all of the techniques I’ve talked about before; tailored story telling (see here), targeted video placement (see here), attractor videos (see here),  seasonal distribution (see here) and […]

5 Things You Can Learn From a Copywriter

There aren’t only five. I flatter myself that we could teach you a few more things than that. How to use a semi-colon, for example. These are just a selection of the awesomest things copywriters do that you can apply to your own advertising and business in general. Are you ready? Let’s plaaayyyyy…copy the copywriter! […]

How to Optimise Your Online Advertising

Now that you’ve made an investment in advertising, you’ll want to ensure that you get the most from your advertising. There are a few considerations to maximise the impact. Content is king Ensure you frequently update your advert/website content to ensure it reflects your business accurately. Ensuring your content is up to date greatly increases […]

What Is My Video For?

This should be the first question we ask when making a video, which makes it kind of embarrassing that I’ve been blogging for 5 months now and this is when I’m choosing to blog about it. Anyway… The purpose of a television commercial is to barge into a persons living room and demand their attention […]

Twitter Advertising for Small Businesses Is Coming

While busineses have been using Facebook self-serve ads to find new customers and gain new fans for a while now, Twitter has this week revealed that  it is to roll out something similar. With a launch in late March mentioned, Twitter has teamed with American Express to offer the service to SMEs. And they are […]

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