Is Your Business Brexit-Ready?

From January 1st 2021, as the UK leaves the EU, the rules for small businesses in the UK have changed. After a demanding year in 2020, SME’s can expect further reforms as Brexit takes place and adjustments to business start to take place. Brexit may be having an impact on your business confidence, but to […]

Marketing Tips For Builders

The building and construction sector is having a bit of a difficult time at the moment. Brexit uncertainty has caused some people to put big money items like building projects on hold, and the bad weather we had at the beginning of 2018 delayed many building projects. On the positive side, if people are looking […]

6 Awesome Twitter Accounts for Business Advice in 2017

I’m a huge fan of Twitter; simply because of the variety and transparency it offers. Whatever kind of interaction you’re looking for, Twitter can usually provide. It’s a great place for self-promotion, networking, sharing ideas, collaborating as well as for chilling out and having a chat. However its business side can be a real treasure […]

My Business Is My Pension – Part Two

In part one of this article I outlined my belief that ‘my business is my pension’ is typically a myth and the reality may be somewhat different to the dream. You then undertook a quick exercise to understand an approximate value of your business based on average net profit over the previous three years multiplied […]

My Business Is My Pension – Fact Or Myth?

“My business is my pension” – I regularly hear this phrase and believe it to be one of the biggest myths in business. You may also have heard this statement many times and possibly said it yourself. The truth is only a few smart entrepreneurs can say they have taken all of the correct measures […]

6 Must Do Website Content Types for 2013 – Part 1

Welcome back from a hopefully rested break (or like me an over indulgent one that saw me heading to the gym like a cliché today). If you do anything on your website this year then make sure you have these content types covered this year… 1. Get a decent blog If your website is new […]

Get Blogging – You Don’t Have to Be a Marketer to Write One

I spoke to a lovely girl today who had been given the task of running the social media for her company. She wasn’t in marketing and was a bit apprehensive about writing her first blog. I have heard the same thing many times from people who aren’t marketers, it’s like writing a blog is quite […]

How to Structure Your Email Marketing Content – Part 1

One of the most effective forms of online marketing to start with is email marketing, if you’ve just set up a website and you’ve started to collect email addresses (opted in of course) then you can start to send them updates and newsletters. A point to note if you’re just starting out – it doesn’t […]

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