Understand The Different Types Of Pay-Per-Click Channels

When the average advertiser thinks of PPC (Pay-Per-Click), their mind normally jumps to PPC Search advertising, and it’s also very common for people to refer to PPC as Google Paid Advertising or Google AdWords. This is most likely due to the popular nature and age of the channel. NEWSFLASH! There are other types of PPC […]

Better Together – Cross Channel Marketing

Some people get really confused about Search and Display and don’t understand why they might need both.  Advertising is not about accumulating as many clicks as possible for as little money as possible – it’s about achieving your Return on Investment goals.  Different business will have different needs when it comes to generating a return […]

How Can I Use My Video?

All of the blogs I’ve written so far are designed to help someone making their own video for the first time, and this one will be no exception. However, I’m not going to offer any advice on production but instead I’m going to stop and consider what we do with our videos once they’re made. […]

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