Ready, Steady, dot.Go! The race for new domain name endings begins

Much talked about, often criticized, long awaited and sometimes dreaded by many small, medium and big brand businesses alike, a huge variety of new domain names have finally been made available online, thought to be officially on sale this November. Dot.coms and dot.co.uk’s have so far been amongst the most popular web address endings, but […]

The Lesson That Businesses Can Learn From Beyonce’s Baby

In the first days of motherhood, a woman is expected to do certain things. Resting, caring for her child, riding a roller-coaster of hormones; these things are all pretty run of the mill. But some women, like Beyonce, have other priorities. Within hours of her baby being born and named ‘Blue Ivy Carter’, www.blueivycarter.com was mysteriously purchased […]

The GoDaddy Dilemma of Elephantine Proportions…

What’s the fastest way to infuriate animal rights organisations and lose domain name purchasers? Well, shooting a video of yourself murdering an elephant has to be one of them… Just ask GoDaddy (internet web address provider) founder Bob Parsons. Last March, Parsons published the controversial video which featured himself shooting an elephant and Zimbabwean villagers wearing […]

How to Utilise Your Web Address as a Marketing Opportunity

A really sales-savvy way to look at a web address or domain name is to view it as a ‘headline’ for your website. We all know that the headlines of a newspaper, blog post or any other piece of writing must be exciting and enticing to attract and draw the reader in. In the same […]

Unknown Victims of Age discrimination…Domain Names?

While search engine algorithms become ever more sophisticated at sifting, sorting and ranking website content, most still use keyword relevancy and inter-page linking as a key tool for determining a website’s reliability and relevancy. Another ranking factor which is considered by search engine algorithms is the age of website domain names. Older domain names tend […]

Got a Spare £118

Individuals and businesses are currently constricted to a select number of domain names owing to the limited selection of 22 domain name endings (.coms, .co.uk’s etc). This hasn’t been a huge problem for registered trademarks and big businesses who can claim relevant domain names containing their company name, but smaller and medium sized businesses have […]

Using Your Domain Name as a Marketing Tool

People regularly underestimate the marketing potential of a domain name. So many businesses are happy to settle for a domain name which is simple but bland, their company name or a product perhaps. However, it is so important to market the domain name directly to your customer. Customers do notice the domain name of a […]

How Short Can You Go?

Whilst not counting for much in terms of SEO, having a short domain name has a few key benefits for website owners. Firstly, it’s easy to type in. Secondly, it’s easy to remember. Thirdly, it is rare to have a short domain name as most short domain names are already taken. So how short is […]

Choosing the Best Domain Name to Aid Your Website’s SEO

When setting up your business website, you will need to choose and register a domain name. This domain name is the address at which your site can be found. It is also a good place to start the search engine optimisation process. A search friendly domain name will hep customers and search engines to find […]

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