The Dangers of DNS Hacking

What is DNS hacking? DNS hacking is a significant step up from cybersquatting in terms of the damage which can be caused. Rather than merely infringing on another business’s brand by deliberately registering domain names containing someone else’s business/brand name, DNS hacking actually involves the redirection of a business’s site traffic to another destination. This […]

Multiply Your Site Traffic Figures With Multiple Domain Names

  We already know that the domain name or URL is a top place to have keywords, as it is one of the first places that a search engine ‘robot’ will search and analyse. So what if all your competitors know this too? There is another way to grab more website traffic, and that is […]

Domain Name Cybersquatting – Could It Ruin Your Business?

There have been several high profile cases of cybersquatting in the press over the past few years, whereby trademarked companies and public figures have found themselves victims of other people registering their trademark as a domain name then either taking some of that business’s website traffic, or holding the domain name ‘hostage’ and demanding money. […]

Come Out Fighting; Give Your Domain Name a Competitive Edge

Every business owner who wants to be seen has a website out there, and every business user now has hundreds if not thousands of businesses to choose from in their area. Most will search for your services through the internet search engines, meaning that in every search, your business’s website will be pitted against hundreds […]

Get More Clicks – Make It Keyword Rich

A domain name is the address of your website, for example: www.websites.co.uk. Many people request a ‘short and snappy’ domain name like the one above, one which will be easy to remember and quick to type in. However, while it is important to keep domain names fairly concise, it is far more important to create […]

Common Mistakes Made When Choosing Domain Names

  Choosing a web address for your website needn’t be difficult or time-consuming. However, there are some very common mistakes people can make when choosing a web address, which we have listed here so that you can avoid them! 1.    Choosing a very long domain name. These take longer to type in manually, and don’t […]

Web Domain Names: Glossary of Terms

  Domain name Also known as a web address or URL, a domain is literally the title of your website. Most domain names take a form similar to www.domainname.com, but other domain name suffixes include .co.uk, .org and .biz. SEO SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’, the process whereby website content (writing and graphics) is […]

How to SEO Your Domain Name

Choosing a domain name isn’t just a question of finding a relevant ‘title’ for your website; it also plays an important part in search engine optimisation, or SEO. A domain name, like other website content, is searchable on the internet by potential business users. Therefore, domain names must contain keywords which the ‘crawlers’ (the searchers […]

Top Tips When Choosing an Effective Domain Name

1. Make it easy to remember; this way, both existing customers and new customers who have been told your web address by a friend will be more likely to remember it – and search for it. 2. Keep it simple; don’t complicate your domain name with unnecessary words or punctuation. This can irritate or confuse […]

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