Are There Benefits to Using More Than One Software Package for Analytics?

Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Yahoo! Web Analytics provide a comprehensive range of collection, analysis and reporting facilities. However, an increasing number of website owners are using two web analytics applications, while a minority are using three or even four systems. Is it relevant for my small business? Even for SMEs, there […]

How Important Are Site Analytics for a Business Website?

While it’s not essential to use web analytics for a business website, failing to do so will almost certainly mean that the website is less than fully effective. This is particularly the case if the site is used for e-commerce – to sell products or services – although web analytics is also useful for improving […]

What Is E-Commerce?

What e-commerce is in simple terms, is a way of doing business over the internet. It can be used to sell products – both physical and digital – and some services, and it can be used by every size of organisation from a sole trader to a multi-national corporation. It is, however, important to remember […]

Learnings From Websites #8 Etsy

I’m currently planning my wedding and as those of you who have done this yourselves can testify, it’s a supplier minefield! The minute you type ‘wedding’ into Google you are flooded with options. A site referred to me by a friend is Etsy – and I love their website content, it’s easy to navigate, looks […]

Five Questions to Ask About Your Business With Regards to E-Commerce

Most businesses will benefit from an online presence, but they do not necessarily need an e-commerce solution. It is true that e-commerce is relatively straightforward, but that doesn’t mean it is right for every business. In many cases, an online presence can simply be an informative website. Answering these questions should help you decide whether […]

Tips on Creating a Good Customer Experience Using E-Commerce

Keeping customers happy is essential for all businesses, but it is all the more important if selling using e-commerce, because the environment is so competitive. These tips will help to create a good customer experience throughout the online shopping process. Make it easy for the customer to find products Some visitors are happy to browse […]

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