7 Essential Tips to Maximise Marketing Email Deliverability

I’m going to break some bad news to you, so make sure you’re sitting down. Not all of your marketing emails make it to their end recipients. Unfortunately there are no absolutes in email deliverability. Whether you’re sending bulk email marketing materials or a direct message to a customer, sometimes emails hide in spam folders […]

How to Gather Email Marketing Permissions

If you send any kind of marketing communications, you’ve probably heard about GDPR, the EU legislation on personal data that comes in next year. If you haven’t, check out this article explaining GDPR – even small businesses need to be getting very serious about how gather, use and protect personal information. Otherwise, let’s get into […]

How to Build an Email List With MailChimp

It’s a simple title because this is going to be the simplest guide to creating the simplest email list you ever saw in your LIFE. The reason it’s going to be simple is this: before last week, I’d never had to use MailChimp by myself. The thought terrified me. But I rolled up my little […]

10 Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing

The term “content marketing” might sound like a bit of a “here today, gone tomorrow” marketing fad, but the last few years have taught us that content marketing is most definitely here to stay. So What is Content Marketing? The definition of content marketing is to create and distribute valuable, shareable and branded content with […]

How to Create a Quality Lead Magnet

Many of us want to incorporate an offer of a lead magnet (a freebie in exchange for someone’s email address) to attract interested parties to our websites and email lists, but it’s important to get the basics right before we plough ahead. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of lead magnets, check out my […]

Don’t Say No to Emojis in Your Marketing

I’m just a bit too old for you to roll your eyes at this automatically. You’ll have to reluctantly bear with me while I make this case. And trust me – I’m playing devil’s advocate. As a writer (maybe the fourth time I’ve written that this month?), I can’t really fall in love with society’s […]

3 Ways to Distribute Content via Email

I know, I’ve hounded you about creating content – can’t I just give you a break? No, I can’t. You have more to give. The annoying thing about content is that, while it’s sitting there looking pretty and hopefully dragging people in off the Google street, it’s still just SITTING there. We need to give […]

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Open Rates

One of the greatest challenges facing marketers today is effective email marketing. The availability of good email software packages means that it’s now possible to send one email to thousands of people simultaneously. Whilst technology has made the process of email marketing easier, an even greater challenge faces the sender…getting the recipient to open the […]

Is Email Marketing an Escape From the Economic Downturn?

So despite the promised upturn of the economy, the recession has landed many smaller business leaders in a classic ‘Catch 22’ situation. Cutting marketing spend is used as a means to tighten budgets, yet survival through tough financial times depends on generating new business via techniques such as online marketing. Hmm tricky, smaller business marketers […]

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