Do You Know How Engaged Your Visitors Are?

How do you know that your website is doing well? If it’s selling products then that’s easy – it’s driving purchases. Or is it? Are these purchasers coming back and buying more and are they telling people how good your site is? If they’re not then maybe they’re not as engaged as you thought… Getting […]

Can a Business Manage Its Own Analytics

There are several free web analytics applications available for download. The best known is Google Analytics, but others include Yahoo! Web Analytics, Piwik and Snoop, and most are easy to install. However, as with other business applications, this is only the beginning of the story. Making best use of web analytics requires the investment of […]

Tracking Cross Domains in GA and ‘Onclick’ Tracking.

When I started working in Google Analytics religiously – it’s brilliant, I love it as much as Excel. Geek alert I know – I had to get my head around cross domain tracking. This is when your traffic isn’t contained in just one website. Maybe you have a subdomain, a payment gateway which directs people […]

Google Analytics – Have an Audit

I blogged last week about account audits. It was revolutionary I know. Edge of your seat stuff. But the audit focused on pure AdWords practices. The baseline. There’s also other stuff you need to be analysing and optimising. Sure your PPC account may be ideal but what if the website you send your traffic to […]

How Searchable Is Your Website Content?

Can people easily find the website content that they’re after? I’m not talking about in Google or Bing but when they’re on your site. Most visitors to sites these days are looking for information, whether that’s advice, researching and comparing products or keeping up to date with the news. They’re going to get frustrated if […]

Be Social: Blogging for Business Essentials (Part Two)

So, by now I am trusting you have conquered the world of keywords and have done everything in your power to ensure a great mutual linking relationship betweens your blog and your company website. This allows us to move on to some other areas to make sure your company blog is as visible to your […]

Ways to Measure Your Social Media Return on Investment

One of the big question marks hanging over social media for many small businesses concerns ROI, or return on investment. Why take the time to set up a blog, a Twitter account or a Facebook page if you have no idea about whether it is going to have an impact the bottom line or not? […]

How Can I Track and Measure My Business’ Social Media Campaigns?

It’s vitally important to measure how well your social media campaigns perform. If you don’t, you can’t accurately know what your return on investment is – or how to improve it. Setting your goals and metrics As with all forms of marketing, the first step in tracking and measuring your social media campaigns is to […]

Are There Benefits to Using More Than One Software Package for Analytics?

Web analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Yahoo! Web Analytics provide a comprehensive range of collection, analysis and reporting facilities. However, an increasing number of website owners are using two web analytics applications, while a minority are using three or even four systems. Is it relevant for my small business? Even for SMEs, there […]

What Web Analytics Software Is Available?

All web analytics tools analyse the behaviour of visitors to websites, and although most products offer essential features, it’s important to choose a solution that meets the needs of the particular business and website. There are over a hundred different web analytics applications available, ranging from free products to customisable programmes that can cost considerable […]

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