How to Write a Homepage that Grabs Attention

Does your website’s homepage grab the attention of visitors as soon as they arrive and make them want to stick around to find out more? If you’re not sure, read this article for some essential tips… If you’re thinking of refreshing your website, one of the most powerful changes you can make is to give […]

Learning From Websites #9 – Seasalt

This month’s learning’s are coming to us from Cornwall in the shape of clothing retailer Seasalt. Why do we love Seasalt? Well just look at how they show their content! The products have simple pictures that are complimented by illustrations which add not detract from them.   They’re also using their online channels really well. […]

Why Your Company History Isn’t as Important as You Think

It’s a rule of storytelling that was drilled into us as soon as we could pick up a pen: Start at the beginning and finish at the end. Tell your story chronologically. Start as far back as possible, and move forward through time until you reach the most recent part of the story. A lot […]

Learnings From Websites #7 Trafalgar UK

Half term has just been and gone and we’re not long until Easter so for this month’s ‘learnings’ I thought it apt to look at the travel industry. Trafalgar UK is a travel agency that is a leader in guided holidays and tours. The first thing I like about their website content is that it […]

Learnings From Websites #4 Frugi Clothing

In the fourth of my series, where we look at websites and learn from their good and bad, I’m looking at Frugi – who provide organic children’s’ clothing. They’re not a large company but their website gives a feel of professionalism and quality, and that they care. A couple of things that hit you about […]

What Key Information to Put on Your Homepage

Your website homepage is the single most important page on your website, people will judge your site (and your company) within 5 seconds of landing on it. You need to bear in mind that visitors are a fickle bunch, they have come to find information and don’t want to trawl through many words or pages […]

Keeping the Homepage Simple

When you’re writing a business website, it’s easy to get bogged down in the nuts and bolts of what it is the company does. Of course you need to explain the company’s services and products, and you’ll often need to go into a lot of detail about what those products do. But it’s all too […]

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