How Do I Sell My Product?

My area of expertise is in video production, but as a producer I have to sell my skills and my creativity to potential clients. I find it hard. Many years ago I was a salesperson, but selling ourselves can feel very different to selling a product. Many new business people find selling to be the […]

E-commerce 101: How to Choose your Sales Platform

So you’ve got a great product that you’re proud of, a hand-picked target audience, and you’re all ready to start making sales online? Congratulations! Our first step is going to be to create a robust, informed business plan that paves the way to business success. First, we’re going to choose our selling strategy. Breaking in […]

Six Characteristics of a Winning Product Description

We’ve all been there. You’re doing a bit of online shopping, you find the perfect pair of jeans and you want to know more. But when you click ‘learn more’ … nothing. There are no details about the material, no sizing information and no reviews – just a larger picture. Disappointed, you leave the site, […]

Telling the Right Story With Web Video

So you’re going to make a video, and people searching the internet for product/service X are going to see your video and decide to buy from you. That sounds easy enough. Let’s think about what’s involved here. First of all people have to be able to find your video. Second they have to watch it. […]

5 Essential Steps for a Business Website That Sells

It’s not enough to create a website that tells people you’re selling something. You have to convince people they need your service and that they should buy from you. You have to be persuasive. Pretty obvious you say. Yet so many website have a message that effectively says, ‘Hey, I’m a business selling ABC Widgets, […]

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