Influencer Marketing: What Small Businesses Need to Know

The concept of marketing online is always developing. New advertising concepts are emerging all the time. Though the common practices of PPC, online banner ads, and pre-roll advertising are still very worthwhile opportunities for companies of all kinds, many organisations are starting to adopt a relatively new and effective practice: “influencer marketing”. But what is […]

Beginner’s Guide to Social Networking for Business

Social media sites – websites that let people form online connections, interact and share information – have exploded in popularity in recent years. More and more, businesses are switching on to the idea that taking part in social communities is a great way to engage with their target audience. Read on for our overview of […]

Socialise Your Enterprise – Infographic

You might have heard of Twitter and Facebook, but what about Foursquare? And LinkedIn? There are more and more social networks being launched every month, and all of them represent an opportunity for you to connect with existing and potential customers. This infographic examines how people interact with businesses on four of the key networks; […]

Don’t Be a Twit: Tweet Your Customers! – Infographic

There are well over 100,000,000 Twitter users worldwide and our research suggests that more than three quarters would consider contacting a business via Twitter – so how can you afford not to market your business on the social network? We’ve surveyed more than 1,000 people about how they use Twitter to connect with businesses and […]

What Can LinkedIn Do for My Business?

LinkedIn is a business-focused social network that claims more than 150 million members, including companies and individuals. For SMEs, LinkedIn offers a range of opportunities that are different from those provided by consumer social media such as Facebook and Google Plus. The site can be used by businesses in a number of ways, including: promoting […]

Can Social Media Improve Online Trust for Small Businesses?

Social media will be the main point of contact with your business for many prospective customers. They won’t be immediately looking to buy – but social networking can create the platform for making sales by deepening trust in a good product or service. It does this by: enabling you to provide improved customer service creating […]

Can Social Media Tools Help to Strengthen Relationships?

For small businesses, social media networking can help strengthen the business connections you already have, and allow you to connect with customers between sales. This can make collaboration and sales easier to facilitate. Strengthening relationships with business contacts Business networking creates fresh opportunities for communication with contacts. By responding to their updates and forum comments, […]

Can Social Media Marketing Drive Traffic to Business Websites?

Before you start a social media marketing campaign, you need to think about what your objectives are. Social networking sites aren’t the best tools for actually making sales. Instead, they’re very good relationship management tools that prepare the ground for future sales. Raising awareness The first step to using social media to drive traffic is […]

What Are the Top Small Business Social Media Myths?

Before deciding how to use social media in your small business, it’s worth getting to grips with some of the most common small business social media myths and misconceptions. Social media marketing is free Although (mostly) free to use, there are costs involved in social marketing. The chief cost is the time it takes time […]

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