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10 Places to Use Customer Reviews in Your Marketing

Collecting online reviews from previous clients is great practice for companies of all kinds. Customer reviews honestly and sincerely present your capability as a company and the value you have provided to clients over the years. They’re an invaluable source of social proof – the new word of mouth. It’s a great feeling when your […]

Understanding the Power of Testimonial Videos

You want potential customers to know just how good your business is. You want them to know just how reliable you are. You want them to know just what good value you are. And you want them to know and feel like they know this not because an advert has told them this. Personal recommendation […]

Why Testimonials Should Be Included on Your Website

Web surfers today are faced with an incredible choice of product or service provider in addition to the increasing number of products for sale both nationally and internationally. Let’s look back in time for a moment, before the internet became popular. Products and services were either purchased locally or they simply weren’t available – unless […]

Shoot Day – Part 1

By this time, you should have everything organised, you’ll have had the brief and signed it off, the Video Producer would also have sent you a script (if required) a blank schedule for you to complete, so he/she knows where and what he will be filming throughout the day. If you’re having testimonials, this would […]

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