Why You Should Be Using Inclusive Marketing Methods

In our marketing trends post of 2020, we briefly touched upon inclusive marketing; that is, creating a platform that is accessible for all. While included in the marketing trends article, we should highlight that making your marketing inclusive and accessible isn’t a one-off or short term task. It’s something to review frequently as technologies and […]

How to Create and Add a Zoom Virtual Background

The use of online communication tools has sky-rocketed over the past 3 months. As a result, Zoom, which can be used for one-to-one and one-to-many video meetings, conferences and webinars, has become particularly popular.  Using online video can however have its drawbacks as not everyone has the perfect room or location in their house to display […]

E-commerce 101: How to Choose your Sales Platform

So you’ve got a great product that you’re proud of, a hand-picked target audience, and you’re all ready to start making sales online? Congratulations! Our first step is going to be to create a robust, informed business plan that paves the way to business success. First, we’re going to choose our selling strategy. Breaking in […]

Five Ways to Find Out What Your Website Visitors Really Want

As a business owner, creating, maintaining and updating your website content is one of the hardest things you have to do. Although you know your business better than anyone, the process of turning that knowledge into concise, customer-friendly web pages can feel like an exercise in frustration. A key challenge is working out what your website visitors are really looking for. While you […]

Five Web Design Trends That Have Had Their Day

It’s incredible to see how web design trends spread. They start slowly, with just a few sites doing things in a new way. But soon, everyone’s at it. Not every web design trend is for the better. In recent years, some have emerged that would, let’s be honest, be best off in the rubbish bin. […]

Get Your Website Right With Guerrilla Usability Testing

Over two-and-a-half billion people use the internet. They’re probably not all looking for what your business sells. But a tiny proportion of them will be. Once you’ve found ways to reach that group of people (perhaps via online advertising, SEO or social media work), it’s really important you give them an outstanding user experience (UX). […]

The Importance of Testing Key Elements of Your Website

You’ve had your new website built and it’s now live. Is that it? What’s next? Most business owners make two critical mistakes when agreeing to engage a web developer: They believe it’s possible to build the perfect website on the first attempt. When their website is finished and launched, they believe the project is complete […]

How to Know What Website Content Is Proving Popular

Our revamped website design has been live for a month now so instead of just assuming that it is doing wonderful things for us, we’re taking a detailed look at what is working and what’s not. This doesn’t have to be a lengthy process, you can do it internally and with very low cost tools […]

Learnings From Websites #12 – Heals

Heals is a high quality retailer of home wares, with a penchant for trendy designers and a spot of retro. Their website content needs to focus on really selling the quality of their products, as they’re not the cheapest out there. You’re buying the experience and trendiness essentially. Things I like about their homepage content […]

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