Star Small Business Website User Experience – 2

The next star small business website user experience is Plants the Jewellers in Staffordshire. This is another great example of a UK small business website which has thought about its customers. The good user experience of the site comes together from a combination of different elements of the user experience working well. The best element of […]

Plumbers – Stop the Leak and Gain More Customers Through the Internet!

Are you in the plumbing industry? Do you have a website? If the answer is yes and then no, it’s worth checking out our new infographic – Stop the leak. Google statistics show that there are 823,000 searches for the keyword ‘plumbers’ nationwide, every month. This means UK plumbers without a website could be missing […]

Building a Business Website: The House That Was Made of Straw

There are a large number of companies in the UK today who know they need a website but “feel” that the most important thing to do is to minimise the cost rather than maximise the return and so turn toward the DIY website solution (I use the word solution loosely!) There is nothing wrong with […]

Flash and SEO: Why It’s Best to Keep It Simple

When setting up your new website, it can be tempting to take advantage of many of the design features available to you, such as embedded Flash content, thereby making your site eye-catching and making it stand out from other sites. However, did you know that the use (and especially the overuse) of these elements can […]

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