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8 Social Media Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Online Presence

When you first start a business it’s likely you’ll want to keep both your social media presence and content fresh. And, typically, it’ll be easy, to begin with as you’ll have lots of things to say about your brand plus your products or service… but after a while, you might find things get a bit…

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When you first start a business it’s likely you’ll want to keep both your social media presence and content fresh. And, typically, it’ll be easy, to begin with as you’ll have lots of things to say about your brand plus your products or service… but after a while, you might find things get a bit stale and suddenly updating all your social media channels seems like a chore. You might also find yourself in the position of reaching a social media plateau. You’ve reached a certain number of followers but no matter what you do your audience is no longer growing.

Whichever camp you find yourself in there are some simple and easy ways to rejuvenate your online presence using our tips below.

1. Join a Tribe

Chances are you already use social media within your online marketing strategy for your business. Bus working more efficiently whilst also growing your followers (and therefore potential clients) is almost always the goal. Using Twitter lists is an easy way to keep track of your contacts or creating a group you’d like to interact with more often. You can create your own ‘tribe’ by talking regularly and sincerely with like-minded people and using a list is an easy way to keep track of this group. Alternatively, you can join an existing tribe by finding those with common interests and striking up conversations. A simple way to achieve this is to follow hashtags relevant to your business, to see what the hot topics are of the moment.

2. Theme your Grid

If you’re a fan of Instagram you’ll already be familiar with “the grid”. This is the design of Instagram – a place where you upload images into multiple squares (in a grid-like pattern), and it’s, therefore, a very visual way of communicating with your clients and followers. The platform also boasts a ‘Stories’ element (more on that below) but for maximum benefit, images should be cropped into squares. Feel free to use lots of hashtags on Instagram too – as the more you help them achieve their aims through search and sharing, the further your posts will reach.

Many people opt for a theme on Instagram, meaning they use the same colour palette for each image, which you can do using your own brand colours. Or they typically use the same filter on every photo to create a similarity between images that are associated with their business. Have fun trying different apps and filters until you find something that sticks. On another note be aware that links added to Instagram posts can’t be clicked through as they can on other social platforms so it’s best not to post anything that involves a clickable call-to-action.

3. Jump on Hashtags

Each week there are a number of hashtags being regularly used on both Twitter and Instagram. The top hashtags end up trending and being seen by the most people and therefore have the most reach. If you have something to share that’s relevant to the hashtag (that is a phrase or words describing the type of business you have or the subject you’re talking about) then it’s fine to jump on a hashtag and piggyback on a popular subject. Steer clear of jumping on hashtags for the sake of it – it’s obvious when content is insincere or people are using the trend for their own personal gain.

4. Use Video

Video is becoming the most popular way for people to view content online and is extremely fast-growing. It’s easy to consume and platforms including Facebook and Instagram have created an easy way to quickly create video and share it with your followers within a matter of moments using ‘Stories’. But YouTube is by far the biggest star of the show. Sharing content using YouTube offers the potential for your brand to be seen by millions of people around the worlds, but also offers an insight into the people and personality behind your brand.

5. Tell a Story

Above we briefly mentioned Instagram and Facebook stories. Stories is a feature of both platforms where you can share short snippets of video content with your followers. You can pre-record content, use live video or even share reactions to other’s posts or stories using giphy’s and stickers. Finding your own narrative – that is sharing your own story – and any genuine behind the scenes videos, vlogging (video blogging) or interviews from behind the brand are a perfect way to showcase your narrative and is likely to encourage more viewers and spark creativity within your day.

6. Create a Group

Another way to promote yourself on Facebook is to create a group. This allows more interaction with your followers where they can post questions publicly and where you can also share community news. Facebook groups work well for companies that offer local services as local communities can show their support by joining your group and can leave testimonials and instant feedback. Groups offer maximum visibility and build trust if you regularly post brand news, offers and updates.

7. Share the Stories of Others

How often do you retweet someone else on Twitter? Do you just share your own status updates and leave it there? This next tip is to encourage you to engage. Retweet and Regram the stories of others to show your support and that are aligned with your own branding and core beliefs. Also, a top tip is to share links to articles or news stories which offer value and interest to your readers.

8. Don’t forget LinkedIn!

People often forget to update LinkedIn and while it’s a professional platform and sharing pictures of your cat might be a no-no, updating your status with business triumphs and wins is widely accepted. It’s the perfect place to launch new campaigns and ask for feedback on ideas, not to mention it’s a great platform to widen your business network and meet like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners.

Using these social media tips, you should now be able to rejuvenate your online presence and continue to grow your audience using compelling and interesting content. Which of these tips is your favourite and which have worked for you? Share below!

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