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How to Add Content to Your Business Listing

In our last video I showed you how to get your business listed on In this video I’m going to be showing you how to get more information about your business added to your listing, and also provide you some information on the benefits this will have for your business in generating those all-important leads. Your…

In our last video I showed you how to get your business listed on In this video I’m going to be showing you how to get more information about your business added to your listing, and also provide you some information on the benefits this will have for your business in generating those all-important leads.

Your listing comes free with a profile page which has been specially designed to provide customers using our site further information about your business and this is an opportunity to showcase your products and services, add photos and videos, and lots of other content which I’ll talk you through now.

How to add content to your profile page

There are two places where you can get to edit your content and add content into your profile page. Probably the easiest way is just searching for it on So I will put in a business that I created and find it on the site. This brings back my listing. I then click on to the profile page by clicking on the company name. As you can see, there is a profile page already created on here with information.

Towards the bottom, you’ve got a button called “Is this your business?”. If you click on that, it takes you through to this screen, which you can just “Manage this business”. The alternative route to get to this by going to which also takes you through to this. You’ll need to have registered an account before you can proceed, so if you haven’t already done, so you can just click on the “Register” button on the right hand side. If you have registered, you then just type in your email address to take you through to the portal.

Here’s all the information that is on your profile page, as I said before this one has already been populated. You can see this information already done and you can edit it straight from here. You’ve got all these navigation points down the left hand side to go through. So let’s talk you through all these.

Add information about your business

Starting off with the Strapline, you can just add in a few words about yourself and just quickly describe what your business is all about. You’ve then got Business Highlights which is more structured data and allows you to put in what really matters about your business. So you’ve got a long selection to choose from, both on the Business Highlights and individual elements of that as well. If you do make any changes on here or any other pages you’ll need to click on the “Save” button to proceed.

You’ve then got a Headline option, which is really just to summarize what you’re about and then you’ve got ‘Description’ to add a lot more detail and you’ve got a lot more characters to play around with to give a better description of what your business is all about.

You’ve then got Services and Products which is more structured data, which is great for SEO and what search engines really love. And here you can choose from a predefined list which is based on the classification you selected. You can just add those and they will move across to the right hand side. Again you’ll need to scroll down and click on “Save”.

Opening Hours, Payment Methods and more

You can then add in your Opening Hours. Again, if you’re an online business account just click ‘Closed’ for all these, but let’s show you how to do this – let’s go down to Saturday, reduce the hours down to three o’clock and let’s now say we are closed on Sunday. Again, you’ll need to click on “Save” if you changed anything here.

You’ve got Payment Methods, all the popular ones are on there, again you just select what you want and which ones you don’t provide. And then you’ve got Photos. You can add up to 20 in here and they will be resized once they go onto the site so you don’t need to worry about that. Once you have added them, you can re-order them so let’s just move this one down to the second position and click on “Save”.

You can add in Deals or put coupons on here. Again, if you’ve got something that might catch potential customers’ eye, put it in here. You can put that information on, and you can set dates for when that starts and finishes.

New features on

We’ve also got some new features, we’ve got Associations so depending on what classification your listing is under, you can select an Association or professional body that you’re affiliated with. We’ve also got Accreditations which is a pre-populated list so add these where they apply to your business and you have any of them such as Trustmark or your ISO accreditation. Again you can add these and it all goes into your profile page.

In addition to that there’s Qualifications, so there’s anything that’s specific to your industry that you’ve got and you want to highlight to customers, again you add from this drop-down list so customers can see what qualifications you or people in your company have got. We’ve also got a place you can add Awards should you got any that are relevant to your sector as well.

Contact details

Finally we’ve got contact details and links. You can amend your business name, your address and telephone number all on here. If you edit these, this will send an email to Yell and we’ll just verify that the details have been changed. And then finally you’ve got Website links, so this is an opportunity to put your company’s website in here, and again that will appear in your profile page so that users can click directly through to your website.

Add your social media channels

We’ve also got some social media links you can add in. So if you’ve got a Facebook page or Twitter page you can add the address of those in there, or if you have an Amazon or eBay store you can put the links into there and those will feature on your profile page.

Once you’ve finished, just log out, and that takes you back to the login account page. Any changes that you make, whether that’s new or existing content that gets updated on within minutes, so you’ll be able to see those on your profile page very soon.

So hopefully you’ve now got a good understanding on the range of content you can add a business to your listing and the benefits this will bring. Thanks for watching and see you soon.

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